Incredibly, GamerGate Is Winning - But You Won't Read that Anywhere In the Terrified Liberal Media

One of the things people said would happen with the GamerGate consumer revolt, whose stated aim is to raise standards in video games journalism, is that after an initial flurry of haphazard activism, and a few scary "misogynist" allegations, the movement would die quietly.

That hasn't happened, largely because most people in the video games industry, and even some outside it, can see that the mud being slung at gamers isn't sticking. Opinions like this - that gamers are the real victims here - from my colleague Noah Dulis, are becoming commonplace.

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arbitor3651456d ago

look at what a resounding success #stopgamergate2014 was lol

Spenok1451d ago

I didn't realize it flopped so hard lol.

Personally I don't put much weight into reviews. I look up first looks, and lets plays, as well as twitch streaming WAY more often than anything else to help make my buying decisions. Or just word of mouth from friends and family.

nX1456d ago

I don't know who to trust anymore except for Digital Foundry... so I'm just trusting noone for the future. All opinions from IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, Polygon, Giantbomb and other so-called "journalists" are invalid to me, they all proved more than once that they are either corrupt or just looking for hits.

I hate to say it, but I actually prefer sites like dualshockers that are run by real gamers instead of these wanna-be journalists.

Bansai1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Eurogamer as a whole is probably the only online based gaming media I relatively trust.

Kotaku said gamers are dead to them, so I'll never visit that site again and polygon as a whole is just one big politically correct piece of crap, more focused on trivial stuff like "over-sexualization" etc. They also like news/review-baiting. Probably the worst site I've ever been on. Their Bayonetta review is a prime example of what I'm saying: "game's awesome, but I'm offended cuuz it's oversexualiazed, have a 7.5". Soon, they will grade games not for quality, bot for equality of genders and all that other crap that just limits developers vision.

Those to are especially bad, if you want what's best for gaming, just piss all over those sites, we can't let them dictate what's good and bad.

abstractel1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Bayonetta shouldn't have gotten 9+ scores it got -- sexual content or not. The sexual content is juvenile, that's my view but I can look past it if the game is fun. Bayonetta 2, from what I played, is fine, but it's the most overrated game in I don't know how long. It's like it was rated based on taking a political stance its sexual content rather than as a game. Like the reviewers that feel strongly that it's not an issue gave it a super high score, and the reviewers that strongly disliked it gave it a lower score.

Kratos is as sexualized as Bayonetta and the scenes with him and women are ridiculous as well. Problem is "men" as a group (I hate generalising) don't suffer in large parts of the world like women do so it is a somewhat relevant topic. For those of us who live in a gender equal environment, (like me, I don't see the women around me suffering more than the men around me), it might not seem like it's relevant at all. But tell that to women who do live in a non gender-equal environment -- then it becomes relevant.

The vocal part of a large part of the gaming community is shitty. But as 4chan has showed us, a vocal and heard community isn't necessarily the majority or even represent most of our opinions on the matter. We get great games every year so I really don't understand what people are whining about, except for instances when Bayonetta comes up that I understand cause discussions but I believe the whiners represent the minority of gamers).

I do prefer interesting characters that are dressed appropriately in games that are supposed to be serious. Like don't expose cleavage in an action shooter when the men are armored from top to toe. Just makes me take the game that less seriously. Last of Us was great for many, many reasons but if they would have made Ellie look like the girl from Bioshock Infinite the game would have suffered for it, just like Bioshock Infinite did IMO (SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER: it was his daughter for christ's sake and she had the face of a 15 year old but with 34D breasts)

OB1Biker1456d ago

I find Eurogamer s articles and reviews pretty bad on average. Only Digital Foundry is great

Alinea1455d ago

well the most overrated game IMO is TLOU, I find bayonetta 2 to love up to its score with its performance, gameplay, and content, I find her personality to also remind me of Dante.

ManAnimalX1456d ago


I agree 100%.

Especially IGN...that site is a complete joke, they turned to the dark last Gen, totally corrupt bought and paid for opinions...there like the CNN/fox news of video game sites, don't even waste your time folks.

Eonjay1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Ign is a scam. They survive by starting flamewars and then collecting ad revenue from fanboys and creating articles that double as paid advertisements. This liberal twist makes no sense. Nothing is more liberal than videogames. And this fake feminist cause is fake. An overreaction to divert our attention away from the review score prostitution ring.

dcj05241455d ago

I like Beyond and Game scoop. Only reason I bother with em.

elninels1455d ago

Thank you eonjay. I was wondering what's conservative media outlets were covering generate.

Mainstream media isn't covering gamergate, liberal or not.

And yes the feminism stories have bedn b.s. a lack of females in the industry is a concern, however if it ends up that there are more zoe Quinns(Locke, haha) than amy Henniggs then forget it.

thorstein1456d ago

Do you have evidence that the media is liberal? Any at all? See, though you're writing from the UK, in the US this appears to be a similar claim, yet, even though our 1st Amendment is supposed to guarantee a separation of State and Press, I highly doubt that the two aren't in bed together... even our "Public" TV and Radio.

So, again, I must ask: Do you have evidence of the claim your sensationalist headline is claiming?

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WeAreLegion1456d ago

FOX News is clearly conservative. All the other networks are clearly liberal. Even the comedy shows. The Daily Show and Colbert Report are both obviously liberal.

I'm a moderate, but even I can see that there are more liberals at the forefront of media.

sorceror1711456d ago

Most of the media in the U.S. is *moderate*, actually. You want 'liberal' media (in the sense that Fox is 'conservative') you have to go to Mother Jones or Alternet or something like that.

Take a look at John Oliver's stuff. How come there's hardly any major media coverage of the points he brings up about drones, civil asset forfeiture, police militarization, student debt, etc?

Heck, you want *actual* 'liberal', head over to Europe. Both of our political parties would be right-wing - 'centrist' at most - over there.

ScottyHoss1456d ago


@sorceror171 I plan on it. Germany specifically, or Sweden. I'm just plain tired of seeing people shot by police when they're unnamed, or r**** in the back of their squad car, and having the victim blamed (a chief actually told the women they should "follow the law and they won't get pulled over"). I'm in university and my tuitions going up 56 percent next near, my wage is going down, and the market is about to crash. My leader is a stubborn moron, who's Obamas b**** (yes Mr. Stephen Harper that's you), who strongly supports increased penalties for a harmless drug with the potential to save our forests and cure the people of many ills. We're killing innocent civilians in other countries, no wonder they're running over our soldiers with cars in Quebec, we're too blind to see that we damage our country's land and overconsume, it's just so tiring. It's a system, and it's meant to prevent change.

I used to love this country, now, f*** it I'm leaving. Every day here is h***.

WeAreLegion1456d ago

They are NOT moderate. I assure you. MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN are all definitely liberal.

Qrphe1456d ago

You seem to be defining liberal and conservative the way Fox News would do it (to them anyone is liberal).

I can't speak for ABS nor CBS but CNN is definitely not liberal. Their main problem and the reason their relative ratings are so low is their "everybody is right" mentality.

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Mike_D821456d ago

Turn on msnbc and you can literally almost see every news anchor praising our holy dictator Barack. Pretty soon we'll all be broke, speaking Spanish, and having our heads chopped off In the streets. These clowns won't report the facts bc they know everyone will just believe what they are told.

Qrphe1456d ago

>Americans speaking Spanish

That would mean Americans would learn something, but we're pretty uncapable of that.

Spotie1455d ago

^ incapable.

I try defending us, but we Americans are sadly ignorant as a whole. And happily so, for some reason.

That said, I don't think this has anything to do with liberal offer conservative, and everything to do with faux feminists and their white knights pushing an agenda that media outlets see they can make a quick buck off of.

Godmars2901456d ago

He's talking about the liberal segment of the media. Just like FOX news represents the conservative arm, CNN and MSNBC seem to present liberal stories.

Also, the 1st Amendment only covers freedom of speech. It doesn't cover "truth" much less outright lying.

1455d ago
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mhunterjr1456d ago

Well this guy has a pretty accurate depiction of the gaming media's attempt to shift focus away from their unethical practices and towards the actions of a few idiots who may not even be related you the movement.

But I just HATE how he tries to tie it to political ideology. He's no supporter, he's just trying to use this issue to further his own cause.

mixelon1456d ago

That's one of my favourite ironies of the right-leaning coverage - them harping on the left/feminists political agendas.. While doing the exact same thing on the other side of the political/social divide.

For brietbart and some others this is just a political proxy skirmish they have absolutely no investment in. At least the "left leaning" media is generally passionate about the games and gaming, and not just interested in kicking their political/social rivals in whatever form gets them the most hits.

mhunterjr1456d ago

Right, it's all so opportunistic. It comes off as a desperate attempt to identify with a demographic that they typically fall to connect with.

The irony to me is the news media on either side of the political spectrum is guilty of THE EXACT SAME unethical practices GG is calling the Gaming media out for. And this publication is one of the biggest examples of it...

mixelon1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

"Winning" huh.

That doesn't strike me as a possibility given that there isn't a well defined set of goals. Having a popular hashtag doesn't actually mean much, considering everyone discussing the issue in any form used the hashtag.

The more brietbart cover this the more clear it becomes how they're just a right wing publicity leech. We knew that already, but milo and co are just opportunist far right left-hating nuts, who openly made fun of and dismissed gamers until it was helpful for their own anti-left campaign. ("It's ok for me to make fun of them, but as soon as a girl does.. Burn the witch!" The intentional polarising of every issue into a tea-party like archetypes is skeezy as hell. Most of the "terrified liberal" media is actually centrist and moderate. And not dictating anything.

Rooted_Dust1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

I don't click these links any more, but the author could point out that a number of high profile investors, one of which is Intel, has pulled their adds from sites attacking gamers.

Showing complete disdain for your customers turns out to be a poor business model.

mixelon1455d ago

They only showed complete sustain for *some* of their customers. ;) it's also clear from all that, and N4G that people lack reading comprehension and contextualisation skills.

That's not a long term goal. For that to be a GG "winning" they'd have to get a lot more advertising pulled than that. And even so, what's the end-game? Getting ads pulled doesn't actually play into a wider plan. What lesson is there to learn from that other than don't annoy and angry mob, and making the group look even less sympathetic. Everybody loses.

Legend1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Actually there is a well defined set of goals, mainly involving working to pull advertising from these sites. It always starts off each gamergate update thread on /v.

mixelon1455d ago

To what end? Killing the media is not a just cause, and shows how off the rails they've gone. Nobody should bow to the mob, regardless.

Rooted_Dust1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Media-outlets rise and fall all the time, whether or not they deserved to.

If they fail to conduct their business in a way that generates revenue they go under.

Many of these companies of interest to GamerGate have been producing negative social commentary about the gaming community for some time, and while it probably gave them a boost in traffic at the time, it's finally come to a head and now they're driving away customers and investors.

These companies have every right to stick to their opinions, and keep on doing what their doing, but we aren't beholden to keep them in business.

Legend1455d ago

^What Rooted-Dust said. No one is out to KILL ALL MEDIA. These internet personalities are self described non-journalists. For simple bloggers they have way too much pull on the industry to be healthy. Kill off the dinosaurs so the next crop can come on through.

jmc88881455d ago

MSNBC, FoxNews, and CNN are anything but centrist or moderate.

They are the corporate Wall Street news broadcasts.

They promote the party of Wall Street.

This means whether you have Bush or Obama in charge, Wall Street wins and you lose.

There really is little difference between Bush and Obama. There really is little difference between Republicans and Democrats.

It's really funny when you see Democrats who hated Bush, cheering on Obama for doing the same stuff they protested against. Talk about clueless. Oh and I'm a lifelong democrat, so I know exactly what the hell I'm talking about. Obama is Bush's 3rd and 4th terms. Hands down the same on every major issue, just like almost all the candidates for 2016. Still waiting for change, because we never got it in 2008.

The media dictate things all the time. If you watch throughout the day they have a theme that every broadcast (or almost all) carry.

They filter out the real news. Omission of stories and facts is as destructive as lying.

They read talking points from the white house. Fox News did it with Bush, MSNBC does it with Obama. CNN does it for both. Also all three parrot DoD and CIA basically verbatim.

Newspapers all use the same wire reports which were also written by the CIA or Whitehouse.

The truth will not be televised.

mixelon1455d ago

I wasn't talking about mainstream news. Clearly Fox et al are not moderate, centrist, they have nothing to do with gaming either tho. And the internet, and the strength of smaller news sources kind of stops them from controlling the message outside of people who want to be told what to think. (Which is a lot, admittedly)

Anyway, the position of those mainstream media sites is neither here nor there - Nobody is attacking those media outlets anyway. They aren't corrupt games journalism. They have no responsibility to report on GG in any capacity, let alone one some gamers find favourable. And it's not because they're scared, it's because it's not that big a deal.

People are attacking the likes of kotaku, gamasutra, etc.. Not some clandestine media cabal (regardless of what brietbart wants people to believe, for hits.)

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