Significant AMD APU Price Cuts & Game Bundle - $143 A10-7850K

GamersNexus: "AMD's combinatory APUs (CPU + IGP) just received a price drop, according to an email we received from the company today. In a press release, AMD noted that its flagship A10-7850K APU – equipped with R7 graphics – would be dropping to $143 MSRP from roughly $180. Other price drops include the A10-7700K at $123."

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decrypt1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

The console makers are making a killing, selling locked down old tech. Dam Console gaming is expensive.

Eonjay1456d ago

AMD is making a killing you mean.

decrypt1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Not at all, a chip maker doesnt make much selling low end stuff. This can be seen with how poorly AMD is doing.

Its Sony and MS who will be selling these low end turds for the next decade lol. Its not like console prices drop much over the decade, meanwhile the tech remains the same.

Imagine if Apple was still selling the original iphone for 300usd and they never needed to make another Iphone for another 4 years, thats how these console makers have it lol. Strangely enough the fans are quite happy paying premiums for old tech even late into its life, infact most of them think its a bargain :P

NarooN1456d ago

Actually all the major players (Apple, Samsung, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, etc.) make most of their money from "low-end" stuff. Low-power SoC's, CPU's/GPU's/APU's for laptops and all-in-one desktops, etc. That's the bulk of their income since that's what the mainstream majority are buying. Enthusiast stuff is high margins but low volume pretty much. When it comes to stuff like GPU's, they mostly sell $100~$250 GPU's the most.

We don't know how much AMD is making from the semi-custom chips they have in the consoles, but I'm sure it's an appreciable amount. They only get a small amount for the console sales but it adds up over time.

On topic: The lowered APU prices will be nice for those looking for some HTPC or budget gaming chips. The prices they've been dropped to are the prices they should've been at launch. This move probably serves two purposes: Trying to increase sales to move some inventory and also paving the way for the Carrizo parts coming in the next few months.

ABBAJESUS1456d ago

I`m just happy that it is easier to convert games from consoles to pc in this gen. I will buy PS4 sometime when bundle price goes under 300$.. Maybe when GTA 6 is released. :)