Metallica is playing live at BlizzCon 2014

"BlizzCon has always been pretty awesome, but this year’s edition is shaping up to be downright epic. Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it has invited the legendary heavy metal band Metallica to perform the closing concert at the event."

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FITgamer1457d ago

I use love Metallica, now they are just meh. Wish they'd go back to their Thrash Metal roots.

randomass1711457d ago

That's exactly what Death Magnetic was and it was awesome. :p

FITgamer1457d ago

Death Magnetic was way better than St. Anger(Worst ever), but not on par with their earlier stuff IMO. "All Nightmare Long" and "The Day that Never Comes" are the only two songs on that album i'd put in a playlist.

randomass1711457d ago

That's too bad. That Was Just Your Life, Judas Kiss and My Apocalypse are some rockin' tracks IMO. Fair enough that the album isn't on par, but it's still close enough to be considered one of their better albums with some good quality metal songs.