45 Minutes of New Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Shows Off Your New Home, Mounts, And Mage Combat

Check out over 45 minutes of brand new Dragon Age: Inqusition gameplay as Bioware explores your new home, Skyhold and shows off mounts and chaotic mage combat.

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SuperDan-Dare1677d ago

Looks really promising - can't wait to get this.

MrSwankSinatra1677d ago

All EA games look promising until you actually buy them.

dasbeer881677d ago

*cough* Battlefield 3 *cough* Dragon Age 2 *cough* Battlefield 4 *cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*

SuperDan-Dare1677d ago

@dasbeer - agree completely - although the Mass Effect 3 ending probably ended it on a sour note for me.

noctis_lumia1677d ago

sry but dragon age 2 sucks hard worse game of the franchise

alstruck1677d ago

Yeah, dragon age 2 was really boring. I actually played it again earlier this year (with a more open mind of course), and its very hard for me to get pass act 2. The fact that you have to visit the same place over and over again is what stops me playing.

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jriquelme_paraguay1677d ago

first month in the whole New Gen that is complicated for the walled. so many good games this month (november)
Little Big Planet 3, Far Cry4, CoD, Dragon Age... oh my

breakpad1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

oh man this game cannot even scratch Dragons Dogma ..EA is so untalented people ..New gen systems for graphics , so many games to take an example for artistic direction , so many ingenious gameplay mechanics (Mon Hun,demon-dark souls, Dragons dogma) to imitate and still their games suck badly ...they re like were made from a 12 year old developer (obviously are aiming for these ages

wynams1677d ago

I'm waiting for a used copy myself. I have never liked lining EA's coffers, and I really don't like a Bioware AntiGG dev harassing folks who have already HAD THEIR CASES SETTLED IN THE COURTS:

I cannot believe Bioware doesn't mind one of their own fallaciously attacking another industry member. The part of my wallet that pays MSRP sure took issue with this.

Blacklash931677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

They obviously just can't say anything about it. No matter their opinion on it, they can't step on the toes of the public dialogue with any official actions or EA.

I really hate how EA is taking over more and more studios, and these studios quickly go on a decline after the merge with mainstream pandering, cheap design models like F2P, and rushed development cycles; they go off the deep end immediately if not after their first EA-published game. EA and Activision really are the corporate devils. :/

markyboy21811677d ago

such a serious downgrade again! thinkin of gettin rid of ps4 so dissapointed and under whelmed wiv these lazy ass games developers are releasing

RegorL1677d ago

XBox One :)

Frostbite build system scales original assets to what the target platform can handle. Have anyone seen any information about install size.

noctis_lumia1677d ago

xbox done sucks

sales shows that

shammgod1677d ago

do it...instead of just talking about it actually do it

nah, you're all talk

RedstonerMC1677d ago

Might as well get a gaming PC. It's that or downgrade to one of the other 2 shittier consoles and be even more disappointed. Honestly though you do sound like a whiny cunt for complaining about how this game is a downgrade. It looks fun, kinda seems like it went back to its roots. First game in a while aside from shadow of mordor with an interesting story. I'm sure there's hours worth of content and on top of that the lighting, textures, and high resolution all make a pretty high fidelity game. If that's not enough to satisfy then yknow.. PC it is..

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Joshuatree1677d ago

any idea how big the world will be? I quit watching after they showed the mounts, but it looks way better than previous versions.