Forget resolutions - the console hard drive situation is out of control

Dealspwn writes: "I filled up my Xbox One's hard drive last month.

Sure, I arguably receive more games than the average console owner in my line of work, but less than a year after launch I'm being forced to delete entire games from my hard drive just to play and review new ones, requiring me to then re-install them down the line if I ever fancy a quick impulse play. Forza 5 swerved off the track, Ryse fell on its sword and I'm still struggling to keep on top of things.

And soon Halo: The Master Chief Collection wants to guzzle up another 60GB or so... followed by a 20GB patch. I'm sorry, but this situation has gotten entirely out of control and we're only a year into the current generation. Put the important debate about frame rates and resolutions on hold for a moment, because we might have bigger problems on the console front."

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GarrusVakarian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Physical gaming all day everyday. A short install is all it takes. And in the PS4's case, extremely short. And I get to do what I please with my copy of the game.

(Unless they're PS Plus/GWG games)

I know the MCC 20GB patch will have to be downloaded regardless if you go digital or physical, but at least you could just delete an install to make room for it, and then re-install it at a later date if you wished to, rather than having to re-download an entire game.

Blues Cowboy1457d ago

Agreed. That said, having to install physical discs still adds up - feel discs should install only the files they need rather than the whole lot!

GarrusVakarian1457d ago

Yeah, it adds up, but they can be deleted/re-installed a LOT faster with a physical copy than if you did the same with a digital copy.

If I had used all 500GB of my PS4's HDD, but needed 50GB for a new game, I'd just delete a game or two from my HDD and then install the new game. Then, if I ever wanted to play those two games I deleted again, I'd just re-install them...which takes a minute or two on the PS4, sometimes less than that.

(By a minute or two, I mean the time it takes for you to be able to play the game while it's installing, not fully installed, which takes around 10-15 minutes).

I see little reason to go digital apart from some minor convince of not having to get off your ass to switch games. They're more expensive (which is total BS, they should be less than physical games), are more hassle to manage, and end up costing you money for a new HDD way before physical gaming would.

strangeaeon1457d ago

That is why at some point I believe consoles should switch to using solid state storage, not just for the HDD but have the games distributed on something like a thumb drive.

darthv721457d ago

lucas, the relevance of the physical media is much less important in this gen than in previous gens. They are merely a different form of delivery.

In previous gens, the games played from the media they resided on. this time its all about installing. so the game you install from a disc is the same game you install from a download.

it is rather unfortunate both Sony and MS made it so you could not play from the disc because the drives in these newer systems are better than previous BD drives.

They had their reason to do so and i dont think it was due to wear and tear.

PONTIAC08G8GT1457d ago

Cant you just buy an external hard drive and be done with it? Idk about the rest of you, but I've had my console for almost a year now and I'm not even at 50%. I get the new Madden or NBA, I delete last years. I trade/sell a game, I delete it. Right now I've got Titanfall (and all DLC), Diablo, Madden 15, Forza 5, and Battlefield (with DLC). I had the original X360 that came with a 20GB hard drive and I never had storage issues and I had that system for 5-6 years (before it died). If I haven't played a game in a really long time, no sense keeping it and have it taking up space.

Dirtnapstor1457d ago

I've swapped out my 500 for a 1tb. Additionally, the PS4 needs to allow for an external drive. Loving the idea of full digital except when downloading.
Installing the game off a disc in minutes vs hours...the wait was long enough for MGS:GZ, and that was only a few gigs. Forget the likes of The Phantom Pain! I'll go disc.

denawayne1457d ago

Digital here for every game. I love not having to get up and switch discs. So basically to each there own.

4Sh0w1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

"The Master Chief Collection wants to guzzle up another 60GB or so... followed by a 20GB patch"

No, dealspawn please don't pass misinformation. You should of said "with a 20GB patch" to be clear. It's 45GB with a 20GB patch/update= "This ensures that you are getting every bit of Halo goodness we can fit in." -Dan Ayoub, Studio Head Halo

Digital gaming all day everyday.

Considering you're going to be investing $60 a pop for games most gamers will be spending $1500 easily over the life cycle of their console so $100 bucks on an external is a true benefit. I had 18 games on my 500GB internal for my X1. I saved almost $5 tax on each game, plus considering last gen I only sold about 3 or 4 games back out of 50+ I brought or gave some to my relatives/friends= I don't benefit from used games because I consider it a rip off and I like devs to get their money.

SSO is 23GB open world game, FH2 is 35GB. So with a small investment even with games getting bigger at an avg of even 40GB I'll still be able to hold 75 games on my 3TB external drive, I doubt I'll buy that many this entire gen but even so I likely won't be playing most 2+ years from now, so plenty of space to keep all my important games. Whats better is I love the convenience of switching games and no disc loading that comes with digital, that and the lower entry price with no tax, pfft I've done the physical disc thing, I'm done with that this gen, got my games digital since day 1 except for Forza5 since it was a gift, I almost want to get rid of it cause its disc and I'm hooked on digital I already downloaded the pre-order overnight.

Guwapo771457d ago

@ 4 Sh0w -

I think you may have misread it.

"The result is that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will take up almost all of the usable space of a single Blu-ray (45 GB), and we will also issue a content update at launch that is estimated to be 20 GB."

4Sh0w1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

How did I misread anything???, this qoute is FROM DEALSPWN that I start my original post with says:

"The Master Chief Collection wants to guzzle up another 60GB or so... followed by a 20GB patch"

-That is at the very least misleading, so either dealspwn mis-worded that statement, or is misinformed themselves or intentionally passing misinformation because your qoute is FROM 343 WHICH I LINKED and obviously says very clearly its 45GB AND a 20GB patch. I even gave them the benefit of doubt in my above post when I said they: 'should of said "with a 20GB patch" to be clear.'

-Seriously if your whole purpose for this article is to write about DL sizes and how his drive is filling up just make sure you are accurately and clearly giving the facts, thats just whats expected in good journalism.

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darthv721457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

when a PS4 game you still need the disc in order to play it AFTER the installation?

Like what the 360 does with game installs. the disc is needed to verify (if only for a few seconds) and then the game plays from the hdd.

edit @wildarmed. Funny thing is the BD drives in the ps4 and xb1 are better than that of the PS3. So the ability to play from the disc was possible yet both MS and Sony opted to make the games install.

I could see having certain game assets install (like they did for the PS3) while the rest of the game loads from the disc but going for full install....there was another reason behind it (and it wasnt wear and tear on the drive).

WildArmed1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Yes you do. All current gem consoles (except Wii U) require you to install the game regardless of physical or digital copy.

Mainly because it's much faster than reading off of the bluray and it also saves the life of your bluray drive.

With that in mind, 500gb isn't enough when you have games with absurd file sizes (TitanFall, Destiny, etc). It's funny because the game isn't 20-40gb itself, majority of it is just uncompressed audio. They need to give us an option to download compressed audio and save some space. It's silly when your 20-30gb out of 40gb is just audio, esp when the audio sucks..

And just so we are clear, I think it's great we get to install games. I always install my 360 games on my HDD, saving on load times, disc scratching, live of cd reader etc etc are all great positives. But this doens't mean you make your games absurdly large, esp when you have most games on PC being 6-12gb and looking/playing/sounding amazing. A lil' compression never hurt anyone, games this gen don't have enough content to warrant a 40-50gb file size per game

GryestOfBluSkies1457d ago

yes, you still need the disc to start the game

GarrusVakarian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

"Like what the 360 does with game installs. the disc is needed to verify (if only for a few seconds) and then the game plays from the hdd.

Yeah, the same as that.

I remember when the 360 first released, and I thought you could install games to the HDD and then take them back to store and get your money back, and just play the game from your HDD. XD

I planned to buy tons of games and return them after they installed. Haha.

uth111457d ago

Yes you do need the disc in the drive. I'm not sure if it's only for verification or if it reads stuff off of it.

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MasterCornholio1457d ago

Holy crap 20GBs?

That's a ton for a patch.

Torque_CS_Lewith1457d ago

Not a patch. Multiplayer content.

Volkama1457d ago

@Mastercornholio it's not so much a patch in the tradional sense. It is the bulk of the multiplayer content, released as a download because it doesn't fit on the blu-ray.

Article has the numbers a bit off on that, but it's a lot of space either way.

ThatOneGuyThere1457d ago

and MS was too cheap to include 2 blu-rays.

ma1asiah1457d ago


The reason is that Halo MCC uses a unified interface - Sooooo having the game on 2 disks rather than 1 disk and the rest as digital content would break this. So no its not MS being cheap its being the most logical solution. Maybe rather than calling MS cheap, some peeps could just upgrade to a friggen descent data plan it is next gen after all and if peeps were not so tight or stingy this wouldn't be an issue.

@ Others commenting here

As for the internal HDD being approx 500 GB or well less since the OS takes up a good chunk. Any way you do realise that the XB1 has external HDD support up to something like 16 TB I believe as long as its USB 3.0 compatible. So not really an issue at all worth crying over

KiwiViper851457d ago

As I'm not a multiplayer, I hope there's an option to opt out of the patch, rather than having to have my console offline for 4 consecutive campaigns.

Volkama1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

The unified interface excuse is bull though. You play the full game off the hard drive anyway, the discs are purely installation media and you only need insert it to prove you still own.
The more likely reason is just that since the changes to policy on discs the re-write didn't factor in something as simple as multiple discs. Surely something they could fix, but no changes are trivial.

ma1asiah1456d ago

The unified interface excuse is bull though. You play the full game off the hard drive anyway, the discs are purely installation media and you only need insert it to prove you still own.

Really, really, really so when you want to load up some multi or a particular campaign etc that is on another disk WTF do you think is going to happen?

Its going to ask U to place Disk (x) in the friggen tray. Just because its installed to the HDD does not mean it works without the friggen disk in the tray.

So no the unified interface is NOT!!!! BS its people who fail to comprehend logic and facts and just want to have an online tantrum because their sucky data plan is not big enough or fast enough to deal with a 20GB download. Now that is the real BS.

Its the digital age not the stone age get with the times for crying out load

Volkama1454d ago

Ma1asiah, it is simple and logical. Whereas you are just simple.

When you buy a physical copy of the game all of the data is installed on the hard drive. When you play that game, all of the data is read directly from the hard drive.

You put the disc in the tray to prove you still own it. That's all. Why would you need to prove you still own disc 2 as well?

Think of it this way: People with disc 1 are going to download a 20gb patch. That patch could just as easily have been on disc 2, or even a USB stick.

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Ciporta19801457d ago

You do know that the disc install takes up the same amount of room as a downloaded game yes?

WildArmed1457d ago

I think his point is that the install is so short that it's OK to delete the game off your HDD once you are done. Unlike your digital content which may takes days to download depends on your internet.

GarrusVakarian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Read my above comment. ;) #1.1.1

And yeah, what WildArmed said. People with bad internet are screwed.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1457d ago

3 words.
External hard drive.

GarrusVakarian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

16 words: Go physical and save the money you would spend on an external HDD to buy games.

Sayburr1457d ago

Even more words... Physicial discs have to be installed to the hard drive, you don't save hard drive space by buying physical discs.

ThatOneGuyThere1457d ago

some more words. Physical games can be installed faster/more conveniently, so deleting the ones you're not currently playing and then coming back to them later is easier.

RedCloud881457d ago

Everyone should grab an external anyway, the usb 3.0 connection has a decent increase in speed over the internal. I know my games have all loaded faster since i went external.

Foehammer1457d ago

5 words:

Solid State External Hard Drive.

and, if you bought your X1 at launch, next month it's out of warranty, so replace the internal HDD if you like.

DigitalRaptor1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

As many words as this takes:

What's faster? Downloading games or installing them via disc? As far as the PS4 is concerned, it's super, super quick. More than 10x (probably much more for most people) faster than downloading the game, depending on your connection.

If I ever run out of space, I can delete Battlefield 4 from my PS4 and install another game in about 30 seconds to a minute, then when I'm done I can do the same again and have BF4 installed in under a minute from putting the disc in. It's like a short loading screen each time before you play your game. This is nothing like the PS3 situation where it took the time it takes to make a sandwich, to install a game.


Yes sirrr! Bought a 3tb seagate, problem solved.

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Volkama1457d ago

Oh and as for discs, I hate them. Well... that's a bit strong. I just much prefer digital.

Quick installs (at least on the PS4) are nice and all, but pre-loads and the ease of impulse buying mostly negate that. I usually buy games while I'm at work or something, and play them when I get home.

Mostly though I just prefer to fire up a game I want to play without having to swap discs around.

Obviously it would be even better if the pricing wasn't so bad.

GarrusVakarian1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Impulse buying is risky business. What if you don't like the game? You can't do jack about it if you go digital.

If (or should I say 'when') everything goes completely digital in the future, I guess I'll have to get with the times, but for now, there's no way I'm going digital if I have the choice to pay less, manage my games easier, and trade/sell/lend my games by buying physical.

BattleTorn1457d ago

I go digital whenever I know I can risk it. And that I'm not going to want to trade the game in after one play through.

I didn't want to go digital with Alien: Isolation, but since it was earning me $15 rebate, I sucked it up and downloaded it last night.

I love how the PSN still doesn't charge tax! Plus Isolation was $59 when new retail is usually $69 in Canada.

I pre-ordered Halo:MCC on X1, digitally, $69 + TAX!!

JeffGUNZ1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@ Battletorn.

I live in the USA, so not sure about Canada, but it says "59.99 plus tax" when I buy games. I am all digital and bought many games so far. No tax was ever applied. Always charges my bank account at 59.99 or whatever the list price is, never higher. Again, I am not sure if this is just a US thing or not.

Volkama1457d ago

Impulse buying is risky, yes. I'm somewhat addicted.

I had about 7 hours of regret after impulse buying Driveclub, as I only bought it because I liked the digital price of £34.99. Fortunately it turned out OK, as it isn't a terrible game and I can feel I have "voted with my wallet" for cheaper digital pricing :)

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mhunterjr1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Does the ps4's 'short install time' really remedy the issue? I presume you're talking about how you can start playing minutes after the installation begins, while the rest of the game continues to install.

I mean, if you felt like reinstalling killzone to do play some MP, or assassins creed for some free roam, what are the chances you'd have quick access to the content you want shortly after beginning the install.

I'm asking out of ignorance. Generally speaking, how much of a games content would you have access to after it begins installing.if I'm revisiting an older game, I may not want to be limited to just the opening content. My understanding of the situation leads me to believe bigger hdds is a far more practical solution.

JeffGUNZ1457d ago

IT depends on the developer/game. For instance, on X1, When DR3 was downloading and ready to play (while the game was dl'ing in the background, I got right into the game like normal. Yet, with NBA 2K14, when it said I could play, the game had no sound and only gave you access to a exhibition game with pre-selected teams.

user56695101457d ago

wait so yall have to install and wait to play a new game with a physical disc. so all this time when fanboys was saying its faster and all the have to do to play games is put the disc in was a lie. im shocked console only fanboys lying to one up pc gamers. how do that work with installs and updates. more waiting i guess. plus seeing that the installs on consoles tend to be much larger than pc install im wondering what excuse people will come up with next.

some how just a year or two ago 40gb installs and 20gb patches was not acceptable and bad now somehow their not a big deal. especially seeing how that was yall main goto line against pc game with yall plug and play bs.

nitus101457d ago

The nature of the PS4 and XB1 require the game be installed to the hard drive and if you have the physical media then that is basically a copy from the BD drive to the hard drive which is relatively quick in comparison to downloading via the internet.

A patch install is always by the internet unless you can get a BD disk with it on and I am not aware of this being done since you would have to pay for the disk.

As for your internet connection well that depends on your ISP and how much you are paying for the service. Of course if your internet is very slow or you don't have one then you have a problem.

So for the majority of the world 1GB and above downloads are a problem. It is all well and good people saying they have fast internet connection with unlimited download capability but let me ask "What do you pay for this service?".

Future_20151457d ago

iv got over 90 pc games on steam and never bought a physical pc copy, console physical and digital games are a rip off

MRMagoo1231457d ago

I get all my games digital on PC too but thats only because you cant trade them in after you use them when physical, but with console unless the game is only digital I will always get physical media, I can trade in like maybe 2 to 3 games and get one new game free from them, saves me heaps of money a year

If i get 2 to 3 games a month I get a free game at least every 2 months sometimes more, so that here in Australia is $80 x 6 which means I save $480 on games a year minimum.

avengers19781457d ago

I really thought both XB1 and PS4 would have 1 TB when they launched. I think down the road when slims, and redesigns come out they will put 1 TB in the consoles.
If digital is the future, and MS and Sony want us to go digital than the next gen console should have huge HDDs like 5+ TB, considering the size of games already. 80-100 gigs will be nothing for a game down the line. That will eat HDD space real quick.

u4one1457d ago

I have not once purchased a physical disc on the new consoles and I have no regrets. I have a 1 tb external drive on the xb1 and I will replace the PS4 drive soon with the biggest, fastest drive I can stuff in there. The bonus is that the drives can be as fast as you want them to be which helps load times and I never have to deal with discs... which I hate. I may be an exception more than a rule here but I also have a 300 mb/s internet connection so even if I had to uninstall a game (which I haven't had to do yet) it doesn't really take that long for me to download. I just find it completely more convenient. Loading a game is just as simple as clicking on the icon. Nothing gets lost, scratched, or whatever.

dreamed1457d ago

My internet takes 3 days to download 40gb,goodbye impulse


Wait...maybe I am missing something but don't games take up the same amount of HDD space if you buy digital or physical???

Bathyj1457d ago

People like Lukas are saying if you have to delete a game, its not as big a deal with physical because you can easily reinstall it again and be playing in a few minutes, but if you had the digital version you would have to redownload it all over and likely not bother playing it again on a whim, you'd only do it if you were really keen.

Plus does anyone know, you download a digital game first, then theres the install size, but does the original download stay there on your drive or delete itself once downloaded. I would think it does, otherwise it would be taking up twice the space.

rainslacker1457d ago


Cant say for the X1, but on the PS4 the game doesn't have an install feature, you download and play, so I assume it just downloads straight to the install folder. There may be some storage space used as a cache for download/install/decompression purposes though...I'd imagine those are set up through the operating system's reserved space however. Some updates have an install button associated with them in the notifications tab, so I guess they have some sort of install program, but AFAIK, those files are deleted once installed. I've also seen updates to games be auto-installed, so I guess it depends on the developer, or what you might be doing at the time of the download.

On the PS3, they had a separate install program, and once downloaded you'd have to install the game manually. Typically, the install game file would delete itself unless it was a PS1 type game that could be transferred to another system.

alstruck1457d ago

Definitely agree. But not only short installs, I also don't like something like downloads filling up my internet bandwidth for 3-5 days. Plus my internet isn't all that good anyways

UnHoly_One1457d ago

Xbox makes it so easy with external drives this shouldn't ever be a problem for most people.

I added a 3TB hard drive, haven't deleted anything, and I play A LOT of games. I'm at 12% full.

I plan on adding another 4 or 5 TB if I start to get close to filling up.

Bathyj1457d ago

Yeah, this is the easy solution and PS4 should do this too. So the games actually install to the external and play from it right, with no dramas?

UnHoly_One1456d ago

Yeah once you have an external attached, you choose which drive (internal or external) you want to be your "default" for new installations, and then everything will just go straight to that drive automatically.

kingduqc1457d ago

I have to disagree with you, digital has just so many advantage over physical...

-No need to drive 30 min back and forth for a game
-Can buy any game I want from my phone and say to my pc to download when I'm ready
-tons of sale
-faster to find new games you have not heard of
-Library is always following me
*-Everything is at the same place
-Dont have to change the cd
-Nothing degrade, get scratched

Digital is just better in every single way...

rainslacker1457d ago

-Cheaper: Day one is typically the same. Digital typically stays higher priced longer compared to retail where games are discounted within a month. Retail has the added benefit of being able to trade in/sell the game to recoup initial investment

-30 minute drive: depends on where you live. I personally can go to GameStop/Target/BestBuy, buy a game, drive back, and install it within 20 minutes if I so choose. Many times, it would take longer than that to peruse a digital store, buy the product, and have it installed enough to start playing. Again though, this could be relative to the user.

-Buy from phone: Could do that with retail too, but you'd have to go pick up the game, or have it delievered. Again, whether it's ready to play will depend on your internet.

-Tons of sales: Retail is highly competative. I'd say I see more games on sale at retail at any given time with a lot more variety in the sales than I have ever seen on a console's digital market.

-Faster to find new games you haven't heard of: I often do that by just perusing amazon or the shelves at the game store. Wouldn't say it's faster.

-Library is always following me: This is a good thing. Again though, reliant on the internet, so one's milage may vary. Also requires you have a way to play your console games wherever you go.

-Everything is at the same place: True. Very convienant to start a game. but requires you continuously keep space managed. I personally keep all my physical games right next to my entertainment center, or in my collection storage room, so Id say they're all in one place

-Don't have to change the CD: You got a good one there.

-Nothing degrade, get scratched: That's not likely to happen with blu-ray's. Some older mediums have problems, but overall they aren't game breaking. Only thing you have to worry about with digital though is if the servers providing your content eventully get shut down, in which case you would be left with nothing. Otherwise, I'd advise you to take better care of your stuff.

4Sh0w1457d ago

-Cheaper: Trade in is also meaningless for those who like to collect their games, for now I only get the cheaper upfront cost because of no tax but at the same time that's like a garuantee discount on every game while if you really like a game and buy the disc you likely will get peanuts for it if you own it more than 6 months, personally if I try to only buy games I can see myself still playing for at least that long, which is better in this case depends on what you value more. Convenience, keeping games longer, dev support vs saving on your next game for the sake of purely which is cheaper= win for physical disc.

-30 min drive: Sure it depends on where you live but hands down I think the vast majority of folks would agree downloading a game is EASIER than going to the store and buying it, win for digital.

-Buy from phone: Could do that with retail too, but you'd have to go pick up the game, or have it delievered.= So then once again that's a less desirable method than buying it on your phone, NOT having to GO PICK IT UP or NOT having to WAIT for delivery, win for digital.

-Retail vs digital sales on games, 'meh just depends, I'd say more often the older the game is retail does a bit better because lots more sources to buy from but digital has the free sub games, more upfront discounts and even discounts or cheap arcade games not available anywhere else, but I'll call it even because their are so many variables for which has the best deals.

-It's definitely still faster and more convenient to find the games, pay and play rather than doing it on Amazon because once again you would have to wait, while my preorder and most people even with a slow connection will be available in the morning on launch day, win for digital.

-Library is always following me: Yep, relies on Internet or not this is another win for digital, your account/games can be accessed on other systems, you make it sound like the internet is hit or miss most days, most people in this digital age who have service it actually works most of the time, win for digital.

-Everything is at the same place: True. Very convienant to start a game but requires you continuously keep space managed= what the hell are you talking about? just press the button to download as long as you have space, if it fills up you need to delete other games first= very easy. I have a 3TB Drive for my X1 so it automatically just saves everything on that since my internal is full, I don't "manage" anything but if you stick with internal its still very easy, I believe you'd need about the same level of managing even with discs, either way digital wins again with everything in one place.

-Don't have to change the CD= win for digital.

-Nothing degrade, get scratched= call this one even, servers for these games aren't going anywhere for a very long time, and when these consoles are old and dusty you'll likely get a account on a digital network to play order games given your legal right to the content.

rainslacker1456d ago

-Digital is meaningless for people who collect their games either way, so probably not best to bring them into the conversation. Trust me, being a collector, I'm well aware that digital copies have absolutely no monetary value outside the account they're bound to.

-Whether it's easier or not depends on a persons internet. Despite popular hyperbole, internet isn't as ubiquitous, or as speedy as many digial porponents would like everyone to believe. I have a feeling that the vast majority would find it much easier to just drive to the store.

-Again, just pointing out that the option doesn't make digital better or make it win, it's completely relative to the user.

-Digital can definately see some great examples of good deals on sales. But realistically, once a retail game goes down in price, the price stays down. In digital it's more about being in the right place at the right time, and digital, particularly on consoles, sees games at a much higher price much longer than their retail counterparts. Competition, and the need to move out stock, is definately on the consumers side when it comes to retail. Overall though, I was speaking of the bigger retail games. Obviously, games that only have a digital counterpart, and are cheap to begin with are a different matter.

-Convienance, again ,depends on the user and is not as black and white as digital proponents will make it. For some, it may take quite a while to download a digital game, but I do agree, pre-loading is making this better. Again, it's a matter of preference and user circumstances.

-The internet can be hit or miss. I travel a lot and know that I can't always rely on the internet being available no matter where I go. Even hotels that claim to have Wi-Fi can have crappy connections, and more often than not, they frown on download large files. In other places, the internet is just slow. When traveling to friends houses, it can be better, but how often do friends want to wait around to try a game? Why not just put in a game they own and play it? Again, depends on what the user wants to achieve, and while it's a great feature, I think the benefits of it are being over-exagerrated. Sony is more on track with this with PSNow if they can manage to make it viable for digital games though.

-Good for you having a big hard drive. That is a form of space management. You're using a workaround. It's a benefit of the system, not of digital.

-Servers are likely to be around for a long time, I agree. But I wouldn't trust MS or Sony with my purchases for the long haul. If they ever drop out of the console business, I would be quite concerned for my digital purchases. Games have already been dropped and made unavailable. Whole services have been shut down. It's only a matter of time before it actually is big enough to show what I've been saying for years is going to happen is going to slap people in the face pretty hard. verdict...whether digital or retail "WINS" depends entirely on the user and what they want from their purchases. I have no problem with people that like digital only. But if a person is going to claim that digital is better hands down, then I will point out the obvious.

4Sh0w1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

lol, I thought given the length of your post you were at least trying to look at digital vs physical objectively. Of course its a matter of preference but what I am pointing out is SIMPLY WHICH IS MORE CONVENIENT/EASY FROM A ACTUAL PHYSICAL EFFORT STANDPOINT NOT PREFERENCE OR LIMITATIONS OF INTERNET SERVICE.

-For example your response to not having to drive to the store to make the purchase is:

"Whether it's easier or not depends on a persons internet. Despite popular hyperbole, internet isn't as ubiquitous, or as speedy as many digial porponents would like everyone to believe. I have a feeling that the vast majority would find it much easier to just drive to the store."

-Thats simply not true, I'm not claiming everyone has speedy internet no more than I'm claiming everyone lives in Alaska 500 miles away from the nearest retail store but the point is it is in FACT easier from a convenience standpoint to simply:
go to >GAMES
choose >GAME
The game downloads and you're done. ALL WITHOUT MOVING FROM YOUR COUCH. Even if we don't count pre-downloads, which you quickly dismissed btw,..yes it depends on how long the download takes but same is true for going to the store, however to say that most people would find this HARDER than driving to the store is just not reality, our society is gravitating to digital purchase simply because its MORE CONVENIENT than leaving your house to go buy that item, the fact that *SOME peoples internet isn't great is irrevelant. Thats like saying that shopping for groceries at the supermarket isn't easier than growing and farming all your own food just because you live in a rural area without a supermarket. Just because you might not live close to a supermarket and thus you deciding to farm your own food does not mean that supermarkets were not a great idea that have made it very easy for most people to get food everyday.

-All your other counter agruments are the same, basically "it depends on their internet" but the point again is digital exist because its easier to do, your own PERSONAL limitations or unfortunate circumstances don't change that. You could literally use your excuse for everything in life "Well airplanes aren't more convenient for long trips because it makes some people very sick or they just don't like to fly."

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Kidmyst1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

I'll take physical over digital most times, unless like you said it's a free plus game or ditial only. Plus seeing all my games on a shelf I can see my collection. I have many old consoles. Play a game, hook it up and put the game in. years from now it'll be the same. my 4 year old loves my SNES.

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Aries831457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

At least we have the option to use external hard drives. Some of us have them laying around anyway. Someone who "professionally" plays video games to review them should most certainly utilize an external hard drive. They aren't that expensive anymore.

Blues Cowboy1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

From the article: "Yes, I suppose I could plug in an external hard drive. I already have one to backup my PC files. And another one for my Wii U. PS4 owners can also upgrade their hard drives using off-the-shelf components... but this is missing the point completely. Shelling out for even more hardware masks the fact that we shouldn't have to install all disc-based console games to the hard drive in their entirety in the first place!"

Aries831457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Actually, I'm sure it's that way for optimization. They run better being installed on the disk and cuts down on the Blu-ray drive noise and wear and tear. The XB1 is whisper quiet compared to the 360. Disk drives were a major problem for consoles last gen if you recall.

Dlacy13g1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago ) have to install all games on PC and given these machines are closer to PC than ever before the expectation to play games straight from the disc instead of installing seems a bit naive don't you think? I think the bigger dilema is making sure these systems improve their download systems and cloud management so if you do need to go in and delete a game its easily accessible to play and put back on the HDD if you decide to go back to it. That is what I had thought the original concept of Gaikail was going to give the PS4. Stream play while the game downloads for all games but that appears to not the be the case.

Beyond that, really this is not different a situation of PC gaming where you often need to upgrade or add a new HDD to your system.

Rob Hornecker1457d ago

Welcome to the woderful world of next gen gaming! You want better graphics, game play, and add on content from the get go then your going to need disk space.

I just bought 2 segate 5tb ehdds for 169.00 each , that should last me for a long time!