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Robin Parker: "Just Dance 2015 remains a party game at its heart. New additions and expansions to the formula try to make the title more enjoyable as a solo pursuit too, and to create a more competitive atmosphere, but the lack of any solid career to progress through, no training mode to practice in, and the reliance on simplified dance mechanics simply confirms the casual nature of the game. By now I would have hoped for some sort of development and evolution in what Ubisoft are offering."

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CernaML1456d ago

I just spent $100 on a PS4 camera and this game just because Im weak when it comes to dancing games... I hate myself. Thanks a lot, DDR.

uth111456d ago

how well does the camera work with JD 2015? There were a lot of complaints about it with last years version. I'd like to know they fixed it before buying

CernaML1455d ago

Not too sure. I am complete ass at this game. lol

It seems to recognize me just fine before starting a song every time though. But I noticed that my scores are much worse during multiplayer sessions.

What pushed me to buy it was that it didnt need Move. Holding it kept putting a strain on my arm in JD4.