Figures show average Wii Fit player used Balance Board four times in a month. Has Nintendo failed?

When Shigeru Miyamoto first thought up the concept for Wii Fit, he began by tracking his diet and weight loss on a graph, a pastime he imagined the majority of Wii Fit consumers would buy into with a Balance Board and a sprinkling of Nintendo magic. However, one month after Wii Fit's launch in North America, figures show that the software has been played for less than four times per console.

Despite the commercial success, has Wii Fit failed on a more personal level, in really changing the nation's approach to exercise?

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TheDeadMetalhead4745d ago

...The fact that that Balance Board IS GOING TO GET EATEN!!!! lol :)

Fishy Fingers4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

4 times a month, or 4 thousand. You bought it and Nintendo made the money, I'm not sure they care how much you use it once purchased.

I own Wii Fit, but purely for the fun, if I want exercise, I'll go to the gym.

Fallen_Angel4745d ago

that really begs the question tho why buy it at all if your just goin to go to the gym to start with.

Master and Commander4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Four times a month, sounds about right.

solidworm4745d ago

the fact that they got these sheep to get on that thing 4 times ever is in fact worthy of praise.The Wii, disputable.

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