Alien: Isolation is a Serious Contender for Game of the Year

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "Alien: Isolation is a game that should not exist; it has a brain, a heart, things to say, and is dedicated to being an uncompromising classic survival horror game. This is why that is important for the industry at large."

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smolinsk1672d ago

If not game of the year, it should definitely win the price for sound and graphics

vishmarx1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

definitely not goty.

theres plenty of valid criticisms for this game.
also the game has very little appeal to non alien/outlast genre fans

mixelon1672d ago

GOTY doesn't have to appeal to everyone. The fact that AI only appeals to the hardcore/horror player makes it a better game for its intended audience.

A horror fan and/or reviewer is likely to give A:I GOTY.

There is no absolute, objective GOTY. It's a nonsense term.

starchild1672d ago

It's a fantastic game all around for me. But, yeah, the sound and graphics are phenomenal. On PC it is easily one of the top 3 best looking games right now and the sound design is nearly unmatched.

-Foxtrot1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Nope, not even close.

My picks are either Bayonetta 2, Child of Light or Evil Within (just so Capcom know they are doing it wrong)

If this wasn't Alien it wouldn't have the attention it does, it's a good game but people are making this game look like a god send. I mean it didn't have much competition with past Alien games did it

mixelon1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

No way. This is structurally *really* good game design. If it had been off brand like Amnesia etc it would still get a ton of positive press. Graphics and audio are incredible. Map design is great, etc.

The license does help, definitely. It's still a damn good game without it.

It's not for everyone, in the same way bayonetta isn't for everyone. I can totally see both games being different people and publications GOTYs for completely different reasons.

WalterWJR1672d ago

You are to young to appreciate Alien and how long people waited for a game like this, probably the same age as the ign reviewer.

bloop1672d ago

Is it just that its in the Alien universe that makes it good though?? Serious question. I was in Gamestop at the weekend and got Shadow of Mordor (which is absolutely f*cking awesome) and I had Isolation and Evil Within in the other hand and couldn't decide between which. I ended up getting the Evil Within in the end, which I haven't actually played yet cause I'm having so much fun decapitating Uruks :-P. I just can't see how Isolation could hold me for the 15+ hrs just being chased by one Alien. Does it get repetitive?? Games are pricey these days and I don't usually buy unless I know I'm getting my moneys worth. I'm a huge Alien fan too, but is it actually a good game or just a nostalgia trip?? Is it worth getting??

-Foxtrot1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )


I love Alien and I love the films but doesn't mean I'm going to be blind and like whatever Alien stuff I see.

Get a grip man

You basically, walk around, turn power on, walk through doors for the majority of the game. It's pretty repetitive

Too young to appreciate Alien.....LOL

Good grief

"and how long people waited for a game like this"

That's the problem, even if it's decent, WHICH IT IS, you and others are making out like it's god damn perfect when it isn't. I love the Evil Within, but is it perfect, nope. We've waited so long that I don't think we all know what we wanted.

Oh and the disagrees are hilarious, Alien Isolation is better then Bayonetta 2, Evil Within or Shadow of Mordor...I don't think so.

Inception1672d ago

"You basically, walk around, turn power on, walk through doors for the majority of the game. It's pretty repetitive"

Agreed with WalterWJR:
foxtrot is to young to appreciate Alien. That post alone proves it that he never played the game but still act like an ignorant kid.

Rimgal1672d ago

No way this amount of disagrees is just because of this opinion. You had annoy some people lately that the soon they see your avatar they immediately hit the disagree button.

ufo8mycat1672d ago

"You basically, walk around, turn power on, walk through doors for the majority of the game. It's pretty repetitive"

Can say the same thing about Evil Within
Walk around, shoot enemies, get to enxt area, rinse and repeat

The fact you would actually list The Evil Within as a GOTY shows your poor taste in games.

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hkgamer1672d ago

not being an ass, but what other games are contender for goty?

i have missed out on a few games but this year seems kinda dull compared to last.

1672d ago
Rimgal1672d ago

South Park: The Stick of Truth was pretty good. At least I enjoyed, and it's my personal GOTY

hkgamer1672d ago

wasnt that last year? that was probably one of my fave games that i have played in recent years.

Rimgal1672d ago

No. It came out early this year. I really love the game, but I'm a little biassed because I'm a huge South Park fan.

spacedelete1672d ago

not hard to be GOTY in a year of remasters.

dreamed1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Lol was gonna agree with op,but your right....dont get me [email protected]&#$!g love this game...i dont like survivor mode much tbh,the best bit is not knowing where the alien is coming from imo.

But yeah so far goty imo....probably wont get it though as its not for the run n gun impatient masses.

Fishermenofwar1672d ago

Child of light or Mordor...

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