TV show's creators praises The Legend of Korra video game and Platinum

Check out the praising comments from Bryan Konietzko, Mike DiMartino and Yaacov Barselah regarding PlatinumGames and The Legend of Korra video game.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1679d ago

I played a few minutes of it and it looks like a really good game. I just have to finish Sleeping Dogs and Middle Earth before I move on to it.

the_dark_one1679d ago

the reviews until now they aint that good

except this one

still gonna get it tomorrow, love the show. and for 15 euros its not that much

HiddenMission1678d ago

I just had it out with IGN's reviewer Dan and he compares it to Open world games...a hack n slash action game compared against two open world brawlers. They're not even remotely similar.

To add to that Dan ignores that both Batman and Shadows probably cost around $40 million plus to make and cost the consumer $65 where as Korra probably cost $3 million at most and is going for $15. How much money does Dan think a licensed title should cost to get the most from the IP.

Dan reviled that he is a fanboy of the show so that makes him very biased and overly critical...and that means take his score and review with a lot of salt.

TBH I haven't picked up the game yet and I will on Thursday but I know this it's $15, new and it's by Platinum Games so I most likely will get more than my moneys worth.

the_dark_one1678d ago


exactly, i could understand the score if it were 60 dollars, for 4-5 hour experience, but it isnt and like you say it shouldnt be compared to full fledged games. this game is more like a fan service and fan that im i will get it.

NiteX1679d ago

Well even though it's the creators, it's good to see not everyone hates it.

-Foxtrot1679d ago

I really don't get the love for this show....even Avatar

dcj05241679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

What is there not to love?

It's a excellent series.

MegaRay1678d ago

I played the game. And its fantastic. Cant believe it got low scores in IGNorance. Lot of content for a $15 game.