Walmart PS4 Bundle Deal And Fry’s Nintendo 2DS Discount For Gamers

Techtorial: Walmart and Fry's are giving away two separate deals for gamers looking for PS4 bundle and 2DS respectively.

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Jaqen_Hghar1674d ago

Decent deal For ps4 but Sony really should make an official $450 lbp3 and extra controller bundle this holiday since that game actually has local co-op to take advantage of the second controller

ThanatosDMC1674d ago

Damnit, i just bought a 2DS sea green for MonHun3 Ultimate.

George Sears1674d ago

They have the PS4 for $359.99 on eBay.

Great offer for those on the fence.

Loadedklip1674d ago

Is eBay trusted to be truly new when it's stated so? Just wondering.

George Sears1674d ago

Yes. Plus it is sold by newegg. Best of all. No taxes!

Macdaddy711674d ago

Ebay last place I'll buy anything, only if it's a must have