First Screenshots of Alien: Isolation DLC, Corporate Lockdown

Corporate Lockdown contains three new maps for the Survivor mode of Isolation. The missions, entitled ‘Severance’, ‘Loose Ends’ and ‘Scorched Earth’ all promise to be as terrifying as the base game’s experience was.

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XTGN1674d ago

It was about time an Alien game delivered the goods tbh.

FrogSpork1674d ago

Photo mode on this would be outstanding! I guarantee I'd find a new wallpaper.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1674d ago

If the proper game didn't scare the hell out of me I'd make a return, but my heart needs a break for now.

Akuma2K1674d ago

Same here....LOL

I still haven't beaten the game yet but i'm looking forward to the corporate lockdown DLC.

snowbearder1674d ago

I haven't heard anything bad about this game yet

Agent20091674d ago

You will now.

The game isn't scary, at all. The story is a rip off of Alien movies. The gameplay isn't anything worth mentioning - just another exploration game with some of the most embarrassing stealth and pseudo-survival elements. Whole 15-20 hours you'll be walking around levels that all look the same.

Thank you.

ryuuzakibjorn1674d ago

"The story is a rip off of Alien movies"

Did I seriously just read that?

Akuma2K1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


Don't make a fool of yourself more than you already have and lose that single bubble, it's obvious your comment is a poor attempt to trash the game without even have played it because if you did you'd know what the storyline was about.

The game is scary as hell because your level of fear of the Alien hunting you is elevated 100x over knowing you can die at ANY moment, especially when the Alien can find you by sight sound and smell meaning a simple mistake can invite a new breathing hole thru your chest via the Alien's tail.

SuperbVillain1674d ago

you should have your account deleted for that statement

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