Alien Isolation’s first add-on pack, ‘Corporate Lockdown’, set to release later this month

Amber writes: "SEGA announced today that the first add-on pack out of five for their title Alien Isolation will be available on October 28."

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dreamed1675d ago

As much as i love this game,they can shove there shitty dlc tactics up there god the games only been out 2wks.

I havent bothered with the day 1 dlc coz its 1 hr gameplay max combined,which should have been a bonus for completing game anyway imo.

Like i said i love the game,and would willingly support the sequel......but this dlc cut from the game practice.....well they can shove it!!!! survivor mode is crap imo,the best bit about the game is the unscripted ai,and survivor is all scripted......"start the level alien on your right everytime"

dreamed1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

My bad after a few more goes i think the alien isnt sure i heared a dev say it was scripted to balence the leaderboards on n4g somewhere?? yeah again my bad.

@opoikl hard/normal theres really no diference ive noticed i thought you might get less resources but no.

1nsomniac1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Despite how much I love this game. The fact that they are releasing a DLC package of 3 'New' maps including a new playable character & new game modes only 2 weeks after the release date makes me angry as it's a clear example of content being cut from the game in order to sell it at an additional cost. Although the pricing isn't all that bad to be honest.

@Dreamed haha, you beat me to it. I completely agree word for word almost lol

DoctorJones1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

That doesn't actually mean it was cut from the game at all. They have deadlines to meet to make a game available for a launch date, they may have ideas they want to implement but couldn't make it happen.

Are you actually saying you didn't get your moneys worth from the game? A lot of people criticized the game for being too long. Clearly they fit in as much as they could.

I'm not saying I would buy this DLC, but saying they could of done this or done that is quite ignorant really because you haven't got the faintest clue if they could have included it or not.

The very point of DLC is to give fans more of something they love, so I can't complain. I love Alien and got more than my moneys worth out of it, if this turns out to be worth the price then I will buy it, if not then I won't.

Either way I got the best game I've played out of the year.

If it was a costume for the alien to wear that I had to pay money for, well I'd be upset...

1nsomniac1675d ago

It's a great game & sounds like a reasonable price for the additional content but releasing that amount of content after only 2 weeks is suspect no matter how you look at it.

If this was Destiny for example I'm sure your opinion would be very different!

DoctorJones1673d ago

I've never played Destiny dude, nor do I care for it. Why would my opinion be different anyway? :S

dreamed1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Actually i really gotta stop saying things are crap,sorry bad habit...its not to my taste....(wouldnt let me edit).

@ doc not at all i love the game,and to be fair to creative assembly their not the only ones,all pubs/devs do it.

it just stands out more with a game based on the 1st alien film,where the cast of said film have been chopped to sell as extra,its a bit of a wtf situation imo. They where talking about the dlc months b4 release and had it ready day 1 ....which to me looks like chopped content.

No i wasnt there or part of the team but my moneys on its chopped content.

Sunset overdrive,been able to d/l day 1 dlc almost 2wks before the games out....surley thats chopped content??

Rhezin1675d ago

fun game. STILL have not beaten it despite playing a few hours every day. Love 15+ hour campaigns. To me that's pure gold.

opoikl1675d ago

I'm currently 4 evenings in and have just reached chapter 7 - playing on hard. I've literally been crawling forward inch by inch, loving every second of it.

I also cannot get over the fact the game world feels so authentic. I must've lost close to 10 minutes alone walking backwards and forwards in front of the ventilation ducts, getting chills down my spine every time the circular blades open and close.