‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ on PS3 and Xbox 360 was ‘impossible,’ says Ubisoft

Speaking in an interview with Examiner, Assassin's Creed Unity Creative Director, Alex Amancio, said the game's scale is too large for last-generation consoles, and trying to develop on those platforms might compromise the studio's initial goal for this entry, which is to "set the foundation for a new cycle of Assassin's Creed."

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smolinsk1678d ago

and yet also impossible on Ps4 and Xbox One;)

Eonjay1678d ago

Lol. Corrected title:

"Assassin's Creed: Unity is Impossible."

starchild1678d ago

And yet it exists.

Seriously, the game looks phenomenal. Just because it can't hit 1080p on the PS4 or XB1 doesn't mean it doesn't look great. Actually, it's because it is so ambitious that it can't hit 1080p.

Personally, I'd rather developers be ambitious and push graphics, detail and scale over some rigid adherence to 1080p.

Jaqen_Hghar1678d ago

That's what rogue is for. A man wishes more companies would handle things like this as it gives people more incentive to upgrade even though the difference in the titles are substantial usually people just aren't as motivated to upgrade when they see the same covers for all the systems in the store for last and new gen

the_hitman30001678d ago

Good, I know this game is getting hated on for lower res and Xbone frame drops but look at this game. I'm not saying it will be perfect but it really is one of the only current gen only games from 3rd party so that's why I'm not surprised that it has issues yet it also looks really good.

skulz71678d ago

Dear AC and Ubisoft haters,

For one minute look what we have here.

1 in 4 buildings have unique interiors with no loading necessary (what other game has even attempted something like this)

On top of this are thousands of AI that you can interact with, which will involve random crowd events that you can take part in.

All the core mechanics of the series have been revamped, meaning parkour is more responsive and cool, stealth is actually important again like it was in AC 1 and AC 2, and combat finally is being made harder.

Paris is 1:1 scale, not achieved in any previous installment.

Adaptive mission mechanic, meaning you don't auto fail the boring tail missions anywhere.

Its beautiful.

Yet you still find hate. Its astonishing. Either buy the game or don't, just don't spread hate on a game that's evolving the series greatly and is a technological beast.

dyl123579j1678d ago

I agree with you, screw #PS4Noparity.

dreamed1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Agreed,but dont get me wrong ubisoft have destroyed the clancy franchise,by trying to appeal to the masses.

Lets hope the new rainbow is more raven sheild than cod.

But yeah ppl are going to far with this rez shit

starchild1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Nonsense. Splinter Cell Blacklist was the best game in the series. It scored well with critics and is far from "destroying the franchise". It reinvigorated it.


I completely agree with you. Anybody should be able to see what a huge leap Unity represents in terms of gameplay mechanics, scale, mission structure and graphics.

Anyone with any knowledge of these things, or even just a little common sense, would have known that this game was going to be demanding and likely not reach a full 1080p resolution on either console.

People have developed unrealistic expectations due to the fact that most games released so far this generation have been cross-generation games or ports from last generation games. This has led people to this idea that 1080p/60fps (or at least 1080p/30fps) is going to be some kind of nearly universal standard.

But the fact is, we haven't had very many fully "new gen" games. When more and more fully current gen games are released we will see that 60fps will be a rarity, 30fps will be most common, 1080p will be common for most exclusives and less demanding games, while more demanding games will come in at resolutions under 1080p.

Unity is one of the first fully current gen games and is also an extremely ambitious game in terms of the graphics tech, scale and NPC density. 900p resolution on PS4 for a game like this is not at all surprising.

gangsta_red1678d ago

Here's the thing though, most on the Sony side refuse to believe this. They are only mad because AC:U is on resolution par with the X1. That is pretty much the only reason why they are upset.

If AC was 900p for PS4 and 720p for X1 then they would be parading in the streets. They would have no problem with that if originally these were the resolution specs.

But they do not want to hear that their system could not handle what Ubi wanted this game to be.

skulz71678d ago

I agree. I am a PS4 owner and I don't believe in the parity thing. I generally believe both the PS4 and X1 can't handle this game at 1080p. Does that make me angry? No, the systems have been out for one year! We all know how far optimization goes, I mean look at the graphical increase between AC 1 and AC 4.

Besides, the graphics in Unity are phenomenal, some of the best open world graphics on the market.

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