Funny CoD: Advanced Warfare video was published

Yesterday, fresh and a bit funny CoD: Advanced Warfare video, entitled "Memories", was published.

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GreetingsfromCanada1461d ago

Call of Duty is just a twitch shooter


yeah. i havent bought one day one since mw2, then sold it in 2 weeks. but i cant find a online fps for my ps4 im excited for so this will hold me over for a while. im buying it. it doesnt look bad at all. but im not goin hardcore with it. we'll see. `

guitarded771461d ago

Unfortunately, I continue to buy them because my best friend lives in another state right now, and it's how we hang out. He loves CoD. Tried to get him into Battlefield, which he did like, but old habits die hard. I will probably buy this one too. I know, I'm the guy CoD haters hate. I can live with that. I just don't expect much from the games, and then I'm happier. 2014 has been a lame year for me anyway in terms of games... it's that weird new console gen/last console gen crossover, so I'm still waiting for something to really impress me. 2015 looks sick though.

Septic1461d ago

From what has been shown, it actually looks decent. The character models are very nice actually.

Travis37081461d ago

This cod game looks better and better everytime I see it. I wish every console got the DLC at the same time.

troylazlow1461d ago

X1 gets CoD and PS4 get Destiny. In the end you will get the DLC, you just have to pick your poison when it comes to consoles.

BlissSeeker1461d ago

True. But the difference is on Xbox you get a month of exclusivity with CoD and with PS you get at least a year of exclusivity with Destiny.

troylazlow1461d ago

This wasn't funny. I think we are getting very lax when we deem something "funny". Please as a community can we take steps to rectify this?

TheJacksonRGN1461d ago

I didn't find it funny either but it has nothing to do with be lax. The author has a different opinion on things and didn't find it funny.

Is it that hard to understand.

ScottyHoss1461d ago

It's one of those commercials they'll probably okay in-store, it's so annoying. -_- no wonder the employees are so rude lol after this and their God awful watchdogs commercial playing for 8 hours a day I would be angry at the world too

jriquelme_paraguay1461d ago

Oooh myyy siiidess! Soooo funnyyyy