Just Dance 2015 Review: Still Addicting | IRB GAMER

IRB Gamer: "Just Dance is one of those games that grow on you. It provides a great experience for the family, supported by dynamic new features that keep you interacting online and offline. Just Dance 2015 did it again."

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uth111671d ago

Anyone know if the PS Camera works better with this than last years version?

IRBGamer1671d ago

Apologies, the camera does work and “looks" better than Just Dance 2014

mixelon1671d ago

2014 had serious trouble even recognising my daughter's existence. Lol. It was infuriating. Worked fine for her parents and her friends, but the girl we actually bought it for? Nooooope.

And that's how I ended up with 3x PSMove wands.. :/

Raynern1667d ago

Just Dance 14 with ps camera was a truly awful experience for the kids, after a week we stopped playing it. No matter how much hand waving, jumping, moving the camera we did, would only recognise the kids 30% of the time, and rarely when more than one tried. When working it would switch the kids around or lose them. I was hoping Ubisoft would have sorted the problem for 2015, but appears they just don't care. At least I had the common sense this time to take the kids around to a friends house to try 2015 before shelling another £50 on a flawed game. Money saved this time, but more disappointed they could not be bothered to fix the issues from the first game.