Free content released for Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor

Neil writes "We all like free stuff and the latest content bundle for Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor is just that….FREE!"

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ger23961458d ago

This is awesome, free dlc for a great game.

raWfodog1458d ago

Looking forward to getting this game but I think I'm gonna wait until the GOTY version comes out.

uptownsoul1458d ago


Financially smart :) , but as a gamer that is SOOOO DUMB…The game is AWESOME…go get it NOW!!!!

raWfodog1458d ago


:) I know, I tempted because this game had my interest since the first in-depth gameplay video eight months ago. Even more so since everyone is giving it great praise. But I just know that the GOTY version will have all the released DLC included and I'll have plenty to keep me busy until then. My wallet (and wife) will definitely thank me :)

AntoineDcoolette1457d ago

Just throwing it out there but games don't always release later a ultimate or GOTY edition with all the DLC. It hasn't happened with AC3 that I'm aware of and hasn't happened with AC4, unfortunately : (

raWfodog1457d ago


That's true but I usually have good instincts when it comes to sniffing out a possible GOTY version. And if it doesn't happen then I can still get a great game at an even cheaper price.

gatormatt801457d ago


All of those AC games though were published by Ubi. Shadow of Mordor is a WB game. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are also WB games and they both have GOTY editions. Even Arkham Origins is rumored to have a GOTY edition. Judging by WB's past history I think it's fairly certain that WB will release a GOTY edition of SoM.

SilentNegotiator1457d ago

It might not happen. I think publishers are starting to learn that allowing the game to become cheap over time allows them to get more people in and thus more people buying always expensive DLC.

wannabe gamer1457d ago

bundlestars has it for 33% discount for limited time.

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Audiggity1458d ago

Sweet... DLing this later...

Nerdstradamus Predicts: The sequel to Mordor will be an always online version where you can play as Humans or Uruks... skill development, political movements up and down, and siege/base takeovers. Develop your characters and climb the ranks while fighting/spying/sabotaging other actual players.

Genuine-User1458d ago

That's great. Will it also be free on PS4?

Kane221458d ago

yes it will but later just like the pc version

Sayburr1458d ago

NICE. It is always wonderful for a developer to send a "thank you" to those who purchased their game...

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