The Golf Club Returns to the Links with Extensive Feature Update

GoodGameBro writes, "Late last night, HB Studios announced that its first detailed “Feature Update” for its digital title, The Golf Club, has now gone live across all of its platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The list is extensive, and there is a good amount of fixes and additions listed in the update. While we haven’t had the chance to check them out ourselves as of yet, the overall community perception is that the patch greatly enhances the title."

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TheStrokes1456d ago

Does anyone have this, and is it any good? Wouldn't mind a decent golf game.

lsujester1456d ago

I personally like it. It's a bit bare bones as there is no career mode or bunch of different way to play like EA's games have. But if you just want to hit the links, it's a solid game. And it has a course builder, which is fantastic if you're into making your own. Some of the user designed courses are amazing.

TheStrokes1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Nice. Will probably download it soon... I like tiger woods games, but the last one was a bit meh.
Looks feature packed, and these extras all sound good. I'd probably spend longer making a course than playing it lol.

Rob Hornecker1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Its a good game, its not tiger, but it looks alot better and should only get get better with these updates.

did imentoin that there is a boat load of free courses, plus a course editor?

TheStrokes1456d ago

Better get my golf shoes ready lol.

spence524901456d ago

I'll come back when they add matchmaking for the multiplayer.

JasonBloodbourne1456d ago

Wonder if they've fixed the popping sound that was constantly there when pressing buttons etc.

toddybad1456d ago

I just wish they'd fix the clouds. You have pretty looking courses but then low res blobs in the sky that I can't stop noticing and hating!

ThatOneGuyThere1456d ago

i REALLY want this game, but I'm not getting it until it supports the Move controller. Tiger woods with the move controller on PS3 is what made the game fun. I cant go back to tapping a button when tech exists to accurately gauge your real swing.

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