Nintendo Looking For Lead Graphic Architect For Next Gen Consoles; “SoC” Experience Required

It is widely known that console manufacturers resumes research and development for their next generation console as soon as their latest product hits the market. It is safe to assume that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are already planning their next generation consoles.

A new job posting from Nintendo has revealed a few interesting tidbits regarding what direction the Japanese gaming giant is seeking for their future consoles architecture.

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miyamoto1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Get Mark Cerny?

oh wait, Fusion?

Get Goten & Trunks!

decrypt1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

They need not do anything.

Console gamers.. Don't care about graphics.

Instead they should be releasing an HD remake of all the Mario games ever released 59usd a Pop, would sell millions. Rince repeat start of every gen. Console fans will pay hand over fist. Learn from Sony they are masters of this art. Just make sure not to give any BC.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Is that why the PS4 is destroying the Wii U in sales even though the Wii U had a year start. I'm sorry but Nintendo needs to make their next system as powerful CPU, GPU, & RAM wise as the next PS & Xbox. Maybe then they would be getting multiplat support.

wonderfulmonkeyman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@ Kid

You act like multiplat support is important to Nintendo.
Nintendo may have said that it is at one point, but they've been going strong without all of the big-name third party multiplats for no less than three generations now.

And they still aren't dead.
In fact, during that whole time, it's only recently that it's put them into any sort of meaningful financial loss situation.

The fact of the matter is, most of the multiplats that have hit the Wii U, have been trashy, incomplete, inferior overpriced ports that arrived too late or didn't get all the same content.[the kicker? Many of those games were made for last-gen consoles first, so the extra content would have been easily done had they actually tried]

There is zero evidence to suggest that third parties would do anything different even if Nintendo DID give them a system, next generation, that out-ranks the others in every department.
There's also the fact that their lack-luster efforts have only furthered the die-hard Nintendo fanboy's insistence on relying only on Nintendo, because the ports were just that horrible 90% of the time.
Without regaining that trust, they have no chance of selling to the diehard Nintendo fanboys, let alone to anyone else, with their games on Nintendo's consoles, regardless of the power of future ones.

Third parties have dug a grave that only really GREAT exclusives can dig them out of.
Their multiplats won't matter to Nintendo again until they can prove that they'll do them not only equally, but BETTER, on Nintendo's consoles, by including content specifically tailored to grab the attention of players on that console.

Kumomeme1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

there a lot more reason than multiplat/3rd party and graphic powerhouse for nintendo slow sale

if you read previous interview with devs,stuff like:

-lack documentation(like for some wii u features like gpgpu,special features to cover slow cpu and such)
-communication with nintendo(slow feedback,which taken a week,with broken english due to language issues)-lack/bad 3rd party support
-slow devs kit(taken far long than 360/ps3 devs kit to encoding data even for "hello world" ) resulted slow and hard development time(devs are prefer easier and faster deveplopment especially that gonna cost money if devs take long time)
-some features like mii still incomplete during first batch game development which is give devs hardtime to implemented the features
-fist batch devs hard experience due to lack of support and devs kit like above that affect 2nd batch devs resulted lot of devs pulling their legs and lazy port--earlier before launch lot of 3rd party support for nintendo
-the system architecture which is powerpc,with edram that lack devs support,documentation,hard experience with nintendo support and due to 1st batch devs that got not enough development time due to schedule to finish game before console launch resulted decent quality graphics with hard development time affect 2nd batch devs to do lazy ports without spend time utilize the hardware
-lack 3rd party development support
-slower cpu which is already addressed by lot of devs due to nintendo stance to have low powerconsumption ,low noise and heat console so parent wont have problem letting the hardware being use all of time
-the console not still complete even during first batch game development for launch
-devs doesnt have idea how to implemented gamepad
-nintendo itself hard bad relationship with western publisher especially EA(ex.crytek already made crysis 3 to run on wii u,and only left to shipped the game,but didnot due to EA bad relationship)

*this is some of issues reported by devs
and expect lot of more lazy ports incoming(like watch dog) from devs like previous title such as cod,ac4 that had similiar graphics than 360/ps3 although the wii u itself had bit more juice

lot more inner issues,like management and others affecting maybe

frezhblunts1460d ago

people got ps4 because of hype, I have a ps4. People who arent gamers like my friends thought it will have free internet, AAA free games and think every game on it is exclusive. You can add frezh_blunts. My thing is graphics is somewhat important thats why nintendo does games in 720 p and 1080p but also to focus on gameplay and characters

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tlougotg1461d ago

Hope those way lower then expected sales of the Wiiu put some sense into these morons over there at Nintendo and actually make a console capable of going toe to to hardware wise with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo needs to stop being so close minded and also work hard on making their online services more consumer friendly and up to par with the others. If Nintendo makes a system that is affordable, yet has some good hardware im all over it.

Concertoine1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I dont care about power. They just need a steady stream of content coming to their platform. Thats why the concept of a "fusion" is interesting, even though i think its fake. While they fail to provide a steady stream of content to both platforms at once, they could do so if they had one handheld/home console.

What they need more than anything is a good transition. A few games to cap off the Wii U, and a bunch to start off its successor.
I honestly think the Wii U would be in a better spot had it released in 2013. Wouldve had all those games ready to release timely, with no drought. That 9 month drought after its release killed the system.

ABizzel11461d ago

I think there's a certain threshold of power that Nintendo needs to achieve. They don't have to be on par with PS and Xbox, they just need to be good enough to be able to effortlessly ports games to, so as you said there can be a steady stream of content coming to their platform.

Nintendo can survive on their IP's alone, but logically they would do better if they had some kind of 3rd party support. I hope they don't get stuck in the console mindset, and instead focus on their strength, handheld gaming (just like Sony needs to let the handheld market go).

They can make a high end 4DS handheld (which based on this SoC seems likely) that can hook up to your HDTV through the charging cradle, and be played via a enhanced Wii U gamepad (better form factor, better screen). That is my idea for the N-Fusion, and that would be ideal for them since their handhelds sell 80 - 100+ million units.

If they do go with a console I already see it doing better than the Wii U, if they heed my advice and make a console with a similar architecture to PC / PS4 / XBO, and offer a large enough performance boost.

The problem is they have to do all that with a $300 budget for a console. Which puts them in the 3 TFLOPS range in 2018 (R9 280 aka 2x XBO), which isn't really powerful enough to compete with the expected 8 - 12 TFLOPS range for the PS5 / XB? in 2020. But the saving grace is that the PS5 and XB? will be aiming for 4k, and the NIntendo console could simply stay in 1080p.

Concertoine1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )


Thats what i was thinking too. I dont think they could make a powerful, handheld/console hybrid on a budget though. I think theyd have to go 400 at the cheapest. They would also be losing a lot of money on hardware revenue from one console rather than two which, unlike the competition, is actually a big deal for them. They would also have to give consumers a way to differentiate between games best played on the go, and those best played at home.

I dont think they should go back to dedicated home consoles without some serious changes. Handhelds are fine but they have to have a clear, concise vision to release a successful home console after the Wii U

DeadlyFire1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Nintendo likely will make a more powerful solution than last gen. At least something that is comparably in the generation. I expect the bare minimum of an upgrade to something only slightly past the PS4's GPU power if that much so. NES8 should have about a GPU with about 2-3 Tflops. Modest enough to be seen as a new gen, but not quite enough to sport 4K.

THERE IS always A possibility that Nintendo sees wrong its done to 3rd party support and adds just a little more juice? Maybe be at least in Next gen range. Kinda like how XB1 stayed in the ballpark, but not quite on same power level as PS4.

Woah ABIZZEL1 12 Tflops? hmm...Maybe possible. Considering stacked RAM tech is coming soon for CPU/APU/GPU and so on. I am thinking they aim lower than with 4-8 Tflops with 4 Tflops as a minimum, but I could be wrong.

Lots of CPU options in the future with OpenPower platform, Deep ARM Research at AMD/NVIDIA, and low power x86 options from Intel.

OpenPower is a big possibility for next gen. Its IBM's licensed custom chip platform. Power8 is first chip on it. 8 threads per core on Power8. A custom 1 core chip would be equal in thread count to PS3/X360/PS4/XB1 with more power? Last two gens have been stuck on 8 threads. So maybe double now or more?) Would it make games more capable of more things?

Would they back away from x86 again though? Axing backwards compatibility again, but would it matter with Streaming/bandwidth by then?

I expect 2018-2022 we see next gen.

N4g_null1461d ago

The next ps and Xbox are going to be a little over 3 teraflops tops simply because tech isn't going to be cheap enough. You have to understand we are got a ps4 with a gpu that can be bought for under $100 right now and an apu that no one else wants to use in anything that is selling.

these systems are good enough for last gen graphics with some perks. The complex that consoles are more powerful than pcs died when the ps4 decided to use a x86 chip and a pc grade video card. The ai is going to stay better dumb this gen plus the the power to run true particular effects sits above 3 teraflops.

Smoke and mirrors are not equivalent to power. Pr or salesmanship eventually run thin also.

Gamers have a rough position to deal with now. Many simply want things that may not be possible this gen. Many gamers want the tech to move on yet they can not grasp that it has yet you can't afford it yet. The chase for power is moot unless games are true held back by them. The large majority of games being created now truly don't needs more power they need better design. This is evident in just the review scores. Sure you can site sales but that is only a triumph in pr or salesmanship.

We got some really good disinformation going for both the 3ds and wiiu. Then The games come and boy did those scores look good. Yet maybe it wasn't your style? Oh 3rd party isn't there..... oh my favorite nintendo should go 3rd party? Well they are about to take all that and unify their consoles. Compete with smartphone and possibly an app store. Sure they

The up swing for nintendo could be huge. I'm wondering if Nintendo will pursue the Pixar like ideas they have. If this is so when and where is the next perfect dark like game coming? Will nintendo try and simulate the ps2 era and fund the correct games?

Also the design of this will be crucial. Nvidia is making a huge jump. If Nintendo plays there cards correctly they could have class skews. Meaning everything they make is literally compatible with everything including possibly the wiiu and new 3ds.

It's pretty ambitious but isn't that what buisness is about. They will one and done franchises if they finish this project. This could leave them free to explore.

ABizzel11453d ago

The best example to look at right now is the NVIDIA Shield 2.

Shield 2

CPU: ARM Cortex A15 (Quad core mobile CPU, phones and tablets)
GPU: Tegra K1 (180 - 360 GFLOP GPU, generally 180 - 200 GFLOP)
Screen: 8-inch 1920 x 1200 (1080p+)
Storage: 16GB microSD internally
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0, GPU, Wi-Fi, (4G LTE for $399)
Features: Motion sensor (tilt controls), 5MP front and back camera, Stylus, Dual Speakers, Microphone, HDMI out, Micro-USB 2.0, MicroSD card slot, and more.

Price: $299

This tablet released in 2014, and rivals the PS360 in performance at $299 with all the features the potential 4DS should have. I don't expect a Nintendo 4DS until 2016 at the earliest, but more likely 2017 - 2018 (6 - 7 year cycle like the original DS). This technology should be easily implemented into a 4DS for $199 by 2016, and if they wait until 2018 then they can even use the upgraded parts to these chips (Dual Core Denver CPU & Tegra M1 or M2).

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Bubbamilk1461d ago

They did its called the wii u and it is a HD system that is affordable with great exclusives. Don't buy into the lies bro. Also they are the only open minded ones of the big 3.

Fanboys act like this is the wii all over again when it is far from it. Don't be a fanboy. As far as originality and creativity goes super Mario galaxy 1 and 2 punk out any Xbox or ps exclusive of last gen and so far that is true for this gen.

The 3rd party issue with wii u is all politics. I'm not telling u this to bash on u or start a fight just asking u to open ur mind and instead of listening to wii u bashing try one for yourself.

Although with ur name being what it is, and u being here on a wii u article spitting out clearly misinformed information. I can only imagine u are just trolling. So I know how the Internet is go ahead take offense and start with te personal attacks and whatnot I'm strong enough to read it and move on with my life, but just know I would much rather u buy a wii u and enjoy it for what it is instead of buying in to the articles trashing it.

If u bought one u would understand Xbox and ps consider Nintendo a threat, and from your perspective that may seem silly, but from mine it makes complete sense. U don't see this driveclub nonsense happening to Nintendo exclusives, because Nintendo has true standards. Inform yourself dude.

Oh and just for the record I never have a problem online with my wii u. It may have minor drawbacks but it is reliable and FREE. Psn is down almost weekly on my ps4 and I wish I was joking about that, and that would upset me if I didn't have my good old trusted wii u to fall back on. Truth from experience, not by word of mouth or hype.

There are refurbished wii us online for 200 dollars. That is affordable and it has good hardware. So if what u said is true than I hope u enjoy your new purchase. Actually I know u will

SteamPowered1461d ago

I agree whole heartedly with you son. The lack of power really hampers multiplats. This in turn forces devs to turn away from Ninty and puts more pressure on Nintendo to do more first party games. Nintendo are masters at first party development, but I fear even they wont be able to sustain production to keep their next console afloat.
Ps- I really hope Nintendo ditches the gimmicks. Wii-motes and game tablets have lost their luster.

ricochetmg1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

The Nintendo loyalist will never admit that. The wii U is terrible and the sales tells you all you need to know not even 10 million in 2 years.

randomass1711461d ago

Sales =/= quality. PS4 IMO is the better console but Wii U is FAR from terrible.

thehobbyist1461d ago

Tell that to fans of the Dreamcast. Or the Neo Geo.

BigDuo1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

If you think Nintendo is going to go back to being a direct competitor, then you haven't been paying attention to what Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has been revealing about the company's generalized next-gen plans for the last two years.

Nintendo will clearly continue to differentiate itself from Sony and Microsoft, but this time, their also going to try to cover their bases better in attempt to prevent the lack of software momentum based on a unified architectural approach, unification of their in-house developmental environments between handheld and home console platforms. What we have no clue on yet is how Nintendo plans on changing how we play games in terms of hardware features and/or game controller.

MSBAUSTX1461d ago

The problem with your comment is you want good hardware to be affordable. Thats pretty ignorant man. Nintendo has always offered their console at or below $300. They do that so all the lovely little children's parents can afford to buy a system for those children. Nintendo isnt the high end hardware power house they are the quality games and quality hardware powerhouse.

The fact that the Wii U is selling and has fantastic games and that I can still fire up my 30 year old NES and it works are testimonies to prove that. They dont need to beat anyone to be successful and make money and they already have proven with the Wii that they dont have to be the best hardware around.

They arent idiots. If they were they wouldnt have that 100 billion dollars sitting in their bank accounts. Not to mention how much less power the 3DS has compared to the vita and the vita is the 3DS' bitch right now. You dont need to pay $400 to $600 to play quality fun games and Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 have made that point abundantly clear.

Anyone who has played that Bayo 2 demo can not say it isnt next gen with out being a liar. Not to mention I have never been kicked out of a COD BO2 or Ghosts session while playing on the Wii U but I have on my XB1. They are doing it right. Not super powerful like a ferrari but it is a smooth ride like a Cadillac.

All that said, they do need to change something because the Wii U hasnt been as big as the Wii. However this generation is still in the infant stage and we will see what the next few years hold. Nintendo just doesnt like charging a super huge amount for their systems and if they amp up the power they will have to. But one would have to purposely try to not have fun if they actually played the games the wii u offers. It is a seemless system.

lunatic00011460d ago

i agree...thats what's wrong with modern gamers...they prefer power(resolution,fps, and specs) than the enjoyment of playing a video game...i loved mk8 and bayonetta 2 can't come soon enough

Kumomeme1460d ago

the hardware power are not the issues,if you read interview from past devs that had working with the console,it more due to lack/bad 3rdparty support and first batch game development experience that affect the devs effort for the console

Whymii1460d ago

"Nintendo...need to make their online services more consumer friendly"

I keep hearing complaints about wii u's online service, yet my 12 and 7 years old boys have no trouble going online and playing MK8 and other other games. Sure it's not perfect and the lack of voice chat in many games is dumb, but they love it.

I recently got minecraft on the PS4 and the boys went to go online and its a no go. I linked their profiles to my psn account and still no. I tried to set up a psn account for the older boy and it said he was too young. I contacted sony stand they said that the boys cannot play online games, even if they are g rated because they are too young to have accounts. The CS person told me I would either have to lie about their ages or let them use my account. That's hardly "consumer friendly"

MSBAUSTX1460d ago

Not to mention you have to pay for all that PSN stuff and Nintendo's online is free no matter what. You get discounts or free games for buying games not paying for a membership and the lack of voice chat is probably a good thing for you since your kiddos are so young. I guarantee you that even in MK8 someone will be spamming the F bomb when they loose or telling people to kiss their a$$ all the time.

My son is only 3 but he tries to play games or likes to watch me play. I do not play online XB1 or PS4 around him because of the language and nasty things that are said. I play the Wii U around him with a clean conscience. Some Wii U games like Monster Hunter 3 U have in game voice chat though.

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ATi_Elite1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

The wiiu is without a doubt absolute FAILURE.

Third party pubs and devs stayed away from it and it's been what 2 years and still no Zelda or Metroid.

No one is talking about the wiiu as xb1 and ps4 have arrived and have totally surpassed the totally underpowered console with virtually zero third party support.

Once Metroid and Zell do release on wiiu I bet that the system will go on autopilot and heads towards its grave while Nintendo prepares for a new console/handheld combo.

SteamPowered1461d ago

God almighty I hope they stray away from the console/handheld combo. It would be spectacular if there was some cross platform play of some type, but the WiiU's gamepad has taught me that portablility and consoles are 2 different things.

Locknuts1461d ago

Yep, and I'll love mine to the death. I've got a PC and wait for Steam sales for all the other garbage. Wii U is the console to have, even if it is a failure.

SteamPowered1461d ago

I like your style. I havent turned on my X1 in forever, and I sold my PS4 because it was collecting dust. I pretty much PC game and Wii U with the Gf. Its not a bad place to be really.

Gemmol1461d ago

if they did it your way they would be a ton of Zeldas

ABizzel11461d ago

Well, well. If this is true looks like we should have a fairly solid 4DS handheld when it comes out (well depending on when it comes out).

AMD already spilled the beans about Nintendo working on a high-end handheld device, so more than likely they have some form of involvement in the handheld.

Looking at the high end of mobile for 2014, with low wattage use, the combo seems to be ARMv8-A + GX6650. The CPU would at least be a Dual Core comparable to the iPhone 6, and NVIDIA Denver. Which means the PS4 and XBO CPU should be about 2.5x more powerful than this CPU, which isn't bad at all for a mobile CPU, but a Quad Core version could put it on the same playing field as the 8-Core PS4 and XBO CPUs which is amazing for a handheld.

On the GPU side of things the GX6650 would offer the console at worse 250 GFLOPS of performance, putting it on par with the PS360. On the high end it offers 500 GFLOPS which is higher than the Wii U, but operates at a clock-rate not suitable for mobile.

Realistically speaking the device won't drop until around 2017 - 2019, so we should be able to bump performance up to the next-gen upgrade.

So at worst:

Dual Core ARM CPU (Rivals Xbox 360 CPU)
250 GFLOPS (equivalent to PS360)

At best

Quad Core ARM CPU (rivals PS4 / PS3 / XBO CPU)
400 GFLOP (4DS > Wii U, PS3, 360)

Melankolis1461d ago

The consoles's hardwares aren't like in the 2000's when they're very advanced at the time they were released, so even Nintendo will have a chance in creating hardware that technologically comparative yet competitive in price.

They have very powerful IP lineup, that even if they are ranked 3rd, it will still be a decent sales that very tight with the 2nd.

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