Amazon Deal Match on PS4 Game Sale


"This morning, Amazon has matched most of the PS4 video game deals promoted by BestBuy!"

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PoopsMcGee1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I just hit up Destiny PS4 for $40! It was the last one in stock though. (EDIT: They still have it for $50 though)

Before the snide comments come in regarding how disappointing the game is: I played the Beta and I know what I'm getting. I'll probably actually be pleasantly surprised since SOME of the negativity must've seeped into my pores after reading so much trash talk...

Spenok1457d ago

It's really not as bad as everyone likes to think. It's just not the game everyone was hoping it would be, thus spew tons of hate. Personally, I am disappointed in the game, and wish it could have be so much more than it currently is. It's a fun overall game, with a lot of potential, and personally, I have hopes for the game down the line. So I have shelved it for now, but plan to come back to it in a few months once it's had time to cook.