Magic Leap Secures $542 Million in Funding for Tech that Will 'Transcend' VR

VRFocus - Technology enthusiasts may well have heard the name Magic Leap over the course of the past week. The company has recently teased a new mobile wearable system that seems to offer some sort of augmented reality (AR) experience. Although the technology doesn't immediately appear to be related to VR, recent comments from CEO Rony Abovitz's following a new round of financing for the company seem to suggest otherwise.

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frostypants1679d ago

If they got this sort of attention from Google, you know it's big.

Jonny5isalive1679d ago

OMG is it games that you play in your dreams while sleeping. That would be scary to fall into a pit of spikes.

1679d ago
CrazedFiend1678d ago

And for the rock bottom price of just $10,000 people will be lining up for it everywhere!