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After spending 3 million hours grinding up levels and crap items in Destiny, did you stop and think to yourself, “Why do I even play games at all? I haven’t been enjoying myself for days – this feels like a chore.”

Writes Karlos Morale

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PridedLlama1461d ago

These guys should think about going indie with this on next gen consoles, i'd love to play it on the big TV

UglyGeezer1461d ago

There's talk of it coming to the Vita, so that could be a step in the right direction for consoles.

Clown_Syndr0me1461d ago

Wow, they mentioned similarities to Sonic, I didnt realise until watching the video that some parts were almost just a re-skinned Sonic game.
Not saying thats a bad thing, btw.

UglyGeezer1460d ago

Aye, but by all accounts done a lot better than Sega have managed for many a year.

BG115791460d ago

Probably true and yet this is what the Sonic sequels should have aspiring to be.
Gameplay is fresh. The characters are cool. The story is very nice. The levels design is awesome.