Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PSN file size revealed

The file size for the digital version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has popped up on PSN.

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famoussasjohn1677d ago

So about on par with Ghosts. At least you can pre-load this on next gen consoles to avoid waiting when it launches.

RobAlmighty1677d ago

42.6gigs, now you dont have to look.

ThunderPulse1677d ago

Isn't that smaller than when COD:Ghosts was released?

RobAlmighty1677d ago

I would have to look, but I believe that it is either right about or right below the Ghosts space. I believe Ghosts is 40gigs. Don't hold me to that though.

CerealKiller1677d ago

Makes me wonder why "next gen" consoles only have 500GB hard drives.

guitarded771677d ago

Which is fair enough if we had external support across platforms. I love my PS4, but it needs external support.

TimeSkipLuffy1677d ago

They are getting 500GB HDs cheaper then 1TB or 2TB. When you buy millions of HDs and can save $10 each that is a pile of money. Also they have the option to release another bundle with a higher capacity drive like 750 GB :D

famoussasjohn1677d ago

More storage is always welcome, though if you've got the console already, external hard drive support is the only viable option I would prefer them to offer. They need to get on that so people don't start a new trend of HDD swapping when they run out of space.

famoussasjohn1677d ago

I'll take 500GB over the hard drive options we had for previous gen. Granted you can swap out the hard drives, I think 500GB was a good starting point.

jjonez181677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Yup, the struggle of trying to manage space with a 20,40, or 60GB launch PS3. Only made worse by the terrible download speeds and slow PSN... We really take a lot of things for granted this generation.