Fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay video shows Skyhold fortress

Yesterday, the project's developers presented the fresh long and very interesting Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay video.

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thekhurg1458d ago

Looking forward to this release!

markyboy21811458d ago

looks very , very last gen to me

starchild1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Then you need to go back and remember what last gen games actually looked like.

It's not the best looking game this year, but it definitely looks well beyond what last gen open world games looked like and is a hell of a big jump over the previous two Dragon Age games.

averagejoe261458d ago

I thought the same exact thing. Could have told me this was ps3/360 and I wouldn't have questioned it.

vikingland11458d ago

I disagree I think it looks good. I'm sure the game will look alot better than a video from the internet.

SouljAx3601458d ago

X Box One version of the game =p

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DarkLord10031458d ago

I hope it's origins with dragon age 2 combat

anticlimax1458d ago

I hope it's origins with dragon age: origins combat. But I know it won't be that. You're probably going to be more pleased with the gameplay than I'll be.

With the blocking and dodging, the twitchy actionlovers will be happy. The game requiring me to do rolls is enough to make me choose a mage. At least the tactical cam is back.

DarkLord10031458d ago

According to my Disagrees I'm not really in the mainstream opinion with this...

anticlimax1458d ago

In reality you probably are, there's a reason why Bioware is venturing in this direction. Commenting sections are rarely a correct representation of reality though.