Game Pulled From Steam Following Death Threats, Friend Shares Open Letter To Gabe

YouTuber Green9090 shared an open letter to Valve for them to reconsider and put the game back up on Steam. Basically, he's saying the dev who tweeted it is green and impulsive, and this move could mean the end of his and his friend's careers as game developers.

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"I hope that you can understand that my friend was just joking about actually killing you and that you will push his product again for you since he is really sorry and stuff."

radler1458d ago

Oh wow, it's nice to see that the game was finally pulled from Steam and that Valve has severed ties with the developer. I hope these guys never get the opportunity to release a game again because they're absolute scumbags.

There was a lot of fuss a while back now when they said they were ceasing development of their early access game to work on something else, which upset a lot of their customers who bought the game for features advertised as coming in the future which the devs weren't sticking to (even going against their Kickstarter backers as well). The developers went crazy and started attacking and then deleting posts on their forums, and gave everyone the finger.

Nice to see some justice, finally.

mhunterjr1458d ago

20 year old tries to launch his career by biting the hand that feeds him... smh

Baka-akaB1458d ago

Being 20 is not an excuse in a professional setting . But most of all why does the letter implies people were lurking and watching for a mistake , when the new was only reporting on places like GAF , AFTER Gabe already banned them ?

rambi801458d ago

Some people should not have twitter accounts... FOR THEIR Own good

Redempteur1458d ago

Don't make death treats on twitter .
Don't use twitter if you're angry .

Seriously, isn't it time for people to see how damaging twitter is when you're not calm ?

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The story is too old to be commented.