Star Citizen GPU Test: A GTX750 Could Give You 30FPS At Max Setting, 1080p

Russian hardware site GameGPU recently tested what kind of GPU you may need to run Star Citizen at max setting at 1080p and above. The sandbox space sim is powered by CryEngine 3 and you need a gaming PC to play the game if you are looking for best experience.

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lelo2play1678d ago

Interesting. A budget graphics card holds up pretty well.

MRMagoo1231678d ago

Well I got an Asus gtx750ti OC the other week because my really old one sucked monkey butt, so I can be happy with the fact I can play this at a stable 30 at max settings :)

hennessey861678d ago

Wow looking at my first Gpu which was a 2gb 7850 I would be getting 24 fps, glad I invested in a GTX780

tee_bag2421678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

But at 24fps you could get the "filmic effect brah" if you use your 7850..haha

Lon3wolf1678d ago

Would be interesting to see what a 970 could achieve.

Si-Fly1678d ago

If you go to the SC hardware forum there's a guy that's benchmarked his 970 on stock clocks, getting around 60fps in the hangar.

starchild1678d ago

Good to hear. I'm getting a 970 next month.

tee_bag2421678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

This game's going to decimate

SteamPowered1678d ago

Whew!! With all the Vram drama and such lately, I really thought you would need a monster GpU card to play this game. I am very happy they are optimizing it properly to share the experience with a lot of budget Pc gamers.

allgamespc20121678d ago

good to hear and the game is def a looker

Qrphe1678d ago

PC is main platform, so yes, it'll be optimized for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.