Rime is "getting away from Hollywood", you don't kill monsters

GR-UK writes: "Rime is an open "but contained" world. Rubio underlines that its famous tower "isn't game's ending, but its beginning, one of the many surprises we have for the player". And also on gameplay, "if you like exploration, I think you're going to love Rime. If you like killing monsters, don't expect that (...) we're moving away from Hollywood"."

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NatureOfLogic_1677d ago

I had no ideal that the Rime developers took inspiration from The Room. I've played and beat both the room and the room 2. Great unique game unlike anything you'll find on consoles. If they took inspiration from those games, then my anticipation just went through the roof. I can't wait for Rime.

Mr Pumblechook1676d ago

From the video I'd seen I was expecting an Ico Zelda mashup. So hearing that it's like The Room doesn't sound too flattering because it makes it sound like it very linear and not a big world. However the second trailer looks great as do the graphics so it's a game i will definitely buy.

ThunderPulse1676d ago

IGN isn't going to like this game.

Patrick_pk441676d ago

Exploration, puzzles, and challenges to progress within the game will sell it for me.

badz1491676d ago

I really dig the art style and would love to see some gameplay soon. I don't play games just to slay monsters too.

WeAreLegion1676d ago

I was really hoping they took inspiration from film The Room. That's a game I want to play!

3-4-51676d ago

Have an XB1 & Wii U.

When I eventually do a get a PS4 for all the exclusives like 3-4 years from now, this will probably be the first game I buy.

This game looks awesome.

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Lord_Sloth1677d ago

Killing monsters is a Hollywood thing? I thought they primarily killed people in their movies if anything.

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

People can be monsters too.

Harold_Finch1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Is that you....David Cronenberg?

I'd say more people are killed in games than in Hollywood and it's not Hollywood that has inspired that unless you want to include the last 100 year of cinema where every film with a gun was an 18+

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Dark111677d ago

I just don't understand games like this
i guess it's just not for me.

Dissidia1676d ago

Don't you think it's a bit too early to determine that?

guyman1676d ago

I bet you can't wait for ori and the blind forest.

(not bashing the game, it looks great).

DigitalRaptor1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

So you don't like adventure games where killing is not required to have a meaningful experience?

How dull…

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uth111676d ago

then I guess you kill robots in this game...

Clown_Syndr0me1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

The article says no combat, so I guess you don't kill anything...except time...

nucky641676d ago

rime can't come soon enough - it looks great.

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