Hayter wants Sony to let him write MGS4 film script

File this one under hilarious. David Hayter, the grizzly voice behind Solid Snake, has told fans on IMDB's message boards that if they want him to write the script for the Metal Gear Solid film, then they should petition Sony Pictures.

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-Maverick-4745d ago

Hayter wrote the scrpt for the X-men movies. Those were pretty good. I just think it needs that certain dark feel MGS has. Its not a generic dark feel...its the MGS dark feel. I hope they pull it off.

BulletToothtony4745d ago

X-Men did pretty good, he's been intimately around the game for about 10 years, but on the other hand.. this job really belongs to kojima..

I don't know if he would actually do it.. but i know Hayter wouldn't have been able to pull a story like mgs all by himself.

So if kojima says no, hayter would be a better candidate than someone who hasn't been around the series and may ruin the whole story trying to add his own twists and changing vital parts of the story.

-Maverick-4745d ago

Agreed : )

Kojima should pen the script, there just maybe should be someone to make sure he keep's it "un-corny" to the American public...the Japanese have a little different feel sometimes. I think Hayter having such a close relationship to the game though, is better than so big-wig director who doesn't care about keeping the true nature of the game and just makes Snake another Jason Bourne or Jack bauer...that would be so lame. It needs to be a tad over-the-top visually and emotionally...with out being corny.

eagle214745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

He knows the the entire series probably by heart. He obviously has 100% love for the Metal Gear Solid Series. He may even have an awesome idea about the script. Yes, Kojima should be part of the writing process 100%.

The hilarious part will be if he does get to write it and fans pop his car tires if it's lame. :)

Anyway, hope the movie is awesome.

morganfell4745d ago

Kojima is one of the movie's Producers. Sony had to negotiate with him - not Konami - for the picture rights.

Millah4745d ago

Umm why would we categorize this under hilarious? Its obvious the moron who wrote this article is very ignorant or didn't do their homework...David Hayter is actually first and foremost a screenwriter, acting is a secondary thing for him.

cyclindk4745d ago

The only thing wrong with the X-Men films was old guy who played Magneto (stunning actor just not cool enough for Magneto) Wolverine's stupid hair and some of the other minor mutant actors who sucked, namely the young ones...the ice guy and the fire one. Writing was good.

mistertwoturbo4745d ago

I'll file Mike Bowden as "Ignorant" instead.

David Hayter is actually a successful writer. X-MEN 1 and 2 were my favorite X-MEN movies, part 3 was just meh. Part two perhaps was the most accurate to the x-men series.

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-Maverick-4745d ago

Don't you love the picture, trying to make him look like a Backstreet boy?

-Maverick-4745d ago

not at all dude...its just the way this pic looks. It makes him look cool...but he's already a cool looking guy in general(no homo)

cyclindk4745d ago

Just saying it's not homo doesn't make it not homo, homo, but all those actor/celeb/whatever the hell he is get these "glamor" shots taken.

Fishy Fingers4745d ago

Just a question, but who exactly knows uberdave is David Hayter? Is it common knowledge or something?

Mike Bowden4745d ago

Yeah. It is. He's posted there for ages.

riqued4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )


Fishy Fingers4745d ago

Yeah, just checked his history.

@riqued, Yeah I think I already knew that ;)

chasuk084745d ago

I they should get Uwe Boll to write and direct the film. If he does we know we're guarenteed a laugh.

Max Power4745d ago

up a near by newspaper and smacks chasuk08 on the nose and yells. "BAD! BAD! NO! YOU MAKE YOUR MESS OUTSIDE!!"

LastDance4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Id honestly rather see a wacky director make a crazy weird MGS movie then a pro hollywood one who just makes it another Lame/mediocre/tired/predictabl e action flick...that is worse i think.

I just cant see this movie being good coz they will probably be pressured into catering for the ..masses...and that is where art fails.

crimsonfox4745d ago

and i think he understands the characters enough to be able to make a good film he's been attached to metalgear for about 10 years when you think think of cant see snake with any other voice he fits the glove i think he can do a very good job on a movie...a better job then most jackasses out there up for him writing the script

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