IGN: Alone in the Dark Restrospective

It isn't what you see, but what you don't see. It's the suggestion; the subtle teasing of the subconscious; the lonely creaking of the floorboards resonating throughout an empty hallway; the slow advance around the corner; the swelling sense of dread as the ever-present evil that looms near refuses to reveal itself. Fear is not an adrenaline rush. It's that helpless feeling of being alone in the dark.

Frédérick Raynal's 1992 masterpiece is the textbook on horror. Seemingly overnight, it redefined the way action and adventure could be used to create suspense, and it went on to become not only a huge commercial success, but one of the most imitated games of the following decade. And with this ground-breaking success came pressure, impossible expectations, and a long struggle to recapture that early glory.

It has been re-imagined, rebuilt, traveled across media, and never quite zeroed in on exactly what made gamers quake in their boots all those years ago. And yet still, the name still means something. As Alone in the Dark is resurrected from the dead once more, IGN plumb the depths of its storied past.

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Picnico4741d ago

The only Alone in the dark game I have played is The New Nightmare and I was very impressed with it. In fact, no Resident Evil game was as close to capturing that gothic horror feel until the Cube remake of the first RE game. But it wasn't just a Lovecraftian kind of gothic horror. Games like Alone in the dark pre-date the art deco and 1950s attention to detail in games like Bioshock and Resident Evil picked up on these influences.

The New Nightmare got some quite high reviews but it has also had some haters who thought that it was too similar to RE. But Alone in the dark created the template for this particular type of game so it is excused and it came up with some new ideas like the flashlight.

Wolf8734741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

People always compare it to RE like it was the inventor of the genre, but it just got lucky and came about the right time(RE). Alone in the Dark deserves all the credit really, along with RE for keeping the genre alive(in that case also to Silent Hill) and I seriously hope the title never dies. I hope the new game is better, but from what I heard they were taking inspirations from shows & movies like Lost or Die Hard, that's not what Alone in the Dark was about, but meh. My only suggestion to those creators would be to return to what set Alone in the Dark apart: the H.P. Lovecraftian world.

jlemdon4740d ago

I remember having the dreamcast version and I loved it. The only reason why RE got the reconition before Alone was RE was produced by Capcom who happens to be an bigger Company than the previous devolopers.