Item Sets, Weapons and More Have Leaked for Destiny’s Next Major Patch

Thanks to a method called “data mining”, we now know something about the next raid that Destiny has to offer, as well as items, weapons and which sets belong to each class.

CaptainPunch3141d ago

It's pretty obvious Bungie is raising the level cap in Destiny, the grind is going to be real.

danowat3141d ago

The grind is already real!

CaptainPunch3141d ago

Yes it is, farming for materials has to be the worst.

TheRedButterfly3141d ago

That comment sent my launch all over my screen. Thanks for the lol. +bubble

wsoutlaw873141d ago

They have to. A lot of people are at max and if they add more gear then everyone will be. Being at max takes the fun out for some people. You dont need to grind to get to max if you don't want to. Just play and have fun.

tcozzens3141d ago

I feel like they are increasing the soft (light) based cap but leaving the hard (actual level, aka 20) level cap... Just based on what I've seen..

Lord_Sloth3141d ago

I would still like a melee weapon in my heavy slot without having to play a Hunter.

The Meerkat3141d ago

Have you tried Warframe recently?

It feels like the game that Destiny is trying to be.

Lord_Sloth3141d ago

Yes but it really isn't the same kind of game. I love Warframe, don't get me wrong, but it's a whole different animal.

ChronoJoe3141d ago

Personally I feel it's the other way around, and Warframe is the poor mans Destiny.

They share many similarities in their design but Warframe feels vastly less polished, and lacks comprehensive environments. (you only play short linear segments in Warframe, rather than missions within a larger hub-world like on Destiny).

That, and that Warframes PVP is absolutely terrible. Destiny's can be bad sometimes, but at least Destiny's feels designed as part of the game from the start, Warframe's just feels tacked on.

That, and that Warframe is effectively pay to win make it somewhat less appealing than Destiny, at least for me.

BattleTorn3141d ago

without play a Hunter???

WAIT, hunters can have melee weapons in their heavy slot?!?!

I've played every class, I'm pretty sure every weapon is interchangeable, and there are no melee weapons.

Lord_Sloth3141d ago

I'm talking about their Blade Dancer ultimate attack since that's usually what gets tossed at me in response.

DirtyMagician3141d ago

I hope this isn't everything.

Swiggins3141d ago

Seems like it's adding a few new exotics and the raid gear for the next expansion.

Perhaps a few more rares and uncommons.

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