Spectacular Alien Isolation PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One Comparison

This video is about the comparison of graphic of PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of Alien Isolation game. First the video will show you the difference side by side. The difference between the movie details playing side by side can be seen and also the graphics while playing the game on the 3 different gaming systems. You can see the alien, a door and a fire seen in this video.

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pornflakes1674d ago

PC looks darker than xOne PS4.. no huge differences here.

Good work by the devs

MasterCornholio1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Both versions (consoles) look exactly the same. However the framerate in the PS4 is much better.

"Good work by the devs"

They did a crap job with the cutscenes though since there's massive framerate drops while plying them. This is due to the console loading the game while playing the cut scene.

Darkwatchman1674d ago

Platform parity visuals with terrible frame skipping in cutscenes and some frame rate issues in gameplay too is what you call "good work". What incredibly low standards you have

ThePope1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Yeah how dare you voice your opinion! You Jerk! Don't you know the PS4 version should have looked like real life and the PC/X1 version should have looked like a game cube game. Get your opinions right or don't make them at all.

#PS4candoreallifejustlookatUC 4


On Topic: I like the way this game looks. How is everyone enjoying it now that you've had time to beat it?

Eiffel1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

You can improve the quality even farther with a little tweaking.

My favorite thus far has been enhancement to planar reflections.

Nodoze1674d ago

Wow that looks incredible! It looks freaking real.

user56695101674d ago

Shhh don't say that . They will just make up lies and say it takes 3 days to do this and that different res on pc is not a advantage

opoikl1674d ago

It seems Working Joe has been busy mopping the floors prior to your arrival on the ship.

Eiffel1674d ago

Lol. Well it is a tweak so you can change the values of the intensity to whatever you're comfortable with.

sorceror1711674d ago

At 0:10, in the lower right of the PC image, there's a manual that's trembling in fear of the Alien too.

hollabox1674d ago

I got it on the PC when I built my brother's PC (AMD Game Voucher). This game runs butter smooth, even with the patch to increase shadow and reflection resolutions.