ADG Short And Simple Review: Alien Isolation | EGMNOW

ADG reviews Alien Isolation from SEGA.

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Spenok1460d ago

I really need to consider picking this up, and soon. Which one should I get first though? This, or The Evil Within?

AntDaGamer1459d ago

I can't say I haven't got a chance to play The Evil Within yet. I'm still hoping to get a review copy.

Spenok1459d ago

That would be pretty sweet. Was Aliens a Review copy?

Honestly, how do you go about getting contact like that? I would love to write for a site, but don't know how to go about that either lol. I've tried running my own, but it's far too much work for one person to manage (when you have my kind of schedule anyways). However a freelance writer for reviews or something similar? That would be right up my alley.

AntDaGamer1459d ago

A following is everything..If you have a following people would consider you even without a lot of experience. Least that was my case. I had a big following at Twitch with wrestling then I got lucky with EGMNOW program..then technically I also realized I had a big enough following to start my own website. EGM backing just helps getting reviews..and Yes, Sega is a supporter of my work and opinions most of all. Take care thanks for checking it out.