Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 38: Pachter was very, very wrong; September NPD results

RDGH 38 is live, and a lot of fun! Ben Shillabeer-Hall and Garri Bagdasarov join host Glenn Gordon for another great episode, and they're not alone!

We are just one weekend removed from the incredible finale to the League of Legends World Championship. No spoilers here just in case some of our listeners haven't yet seen it, but expect more on Worlds next week.

This week has been great on Twitter. You, our gamers, joined the RDGH crew to chat about the price of Project Morpheus, console resolution parity, the DRIVECLUB launch issues, and whether or not you would sacrifice free PlayStation Plus games for a stronger PSN. There were even some comments out favorite energy drinks! Thanks for tweeting and sharing with us! Join the party on Twitter @TheRDGH.

After a layoff spree in February of this year, things finally seem to be looking up at Sony Santa Monica, which has been hiring many new professionals. What could the studio behind God of War be up to? There are also rumors about some of the things in store for Destiny. "The Dark Below," its first expansion pack, is expected for release in December, and there are some rather specific reports about new sub-classes and raids!

This past week has also been controversial because of one Michael Pachter, the video game industry analyst infamous for his predictions. He surprised gamers everywhere by announcing his prediction that Xbox One would outsell PlayStation 4 for September. Spoiler alert: he was completely wrong. We know this because September's NPD results are in, and we're happy to walk you through them! There are some interesting surprises in them, especially the sales of Destiny for Xbox One versus those of the PS4. The crew discusses why gamers should take that particular bit of information with reservations.

All of this and much more comprises yet another great episode of RDGH. Tune in next week for episode 39! Until then, remember to treat all gaming platforms equally and with respect. Don't be a racist.

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Funantic11459d ago

Why not just tell us instead of making us listen to a podcast?

ThatArtGuy1459d ago

They don't get traffic for telling you.

SolidStoner1458d ago

N4G gets traffic for telling us! And gets for not telling :D

TotallyNotGlenn1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

I suppose I could have. We actually do get traffic for simply telling you because you'd click on the article. We recorded the podcast though, and it has too much information in it for just one article. There is also discussion between three people about the various topics mentioned here, which an article cannot easily portray, and certainly not to the same quality. It would take somewhere around 12 articles to simply cover all the things we discuss in depth in this episode, and perhaps more so that we could cover the different angles of each topic. All of that would be pure reporting, completely without the discussion and banter possible in an audio podcast. A number of them would not even be eligible for publication on because they have nothing to do with PlayStation or games for PlayStation, and so they wouldn't be published at all.

If you really want to, you can probably find random information about these topics around the Internet. An audio podcast just delivers so much more than an article can, for those that are willing to take the time to listen. :)

MRMagoo1231459d ago

nicely put, usually when someone defends their own article they do it in a snide manner or are down right rude, but you are very hard to argue with lol well said bubble from me at least, maybe if you get a few more you might get a bubble :)

TotallyNotGlenn1449d ago

MRMagoo123 Why thank you! I'd love to be able to comment a bit more sometimes, lol.

creeping judas1458d ago

Well they are actually telling you, just like you wanted!

ashen1221459d ago

whenever i read pachter i laugh lol

MRMagoo1231459d ago

I dont even think he could rightly predict the past let alone the present. I am not sure there is anyone as bad at their job as he is and still keeps their job.

donwel1458d ago

"I am not sure there is anyone as bad at their job as he is and still keeps their job."
The kotaku staff?
Anyone at Polygon?

MRMagoo1231458d ago


Ahhhhh but have you ever seen the kotaku staff, polygon and pachter all in the same room ? I think its all pachter really.

Nevers0ft1458d ago

*checks watch*

Erm, "Racial Diversity Gaming Hour 38" lasts 103 mins :)