PlayStation at OVER 9000 in South Africa

The install base of the PlayStation 4 has just gone over 40,000, and there are over 300,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in South Africa.

That’s the word from Mario Dos Santos, CEO of Ster-Kinekor Entertainment."

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Jaqen_Hghar1457d ago

A man thinks it's only really news if PS4 isn't leading a country lol

spoonard1457d ago

Isn't the uncommon generally more newsworthy than the common?

ashen1221457d ago

lol I was thinking the same thing

Ben Dover1457d ago

Well I'm really glad I got this interesting and highly valuable information before I head off to bed >.>

psvitamanfan1457d ago

Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to read it...

If they did, congrats - you were probably held at gunpoint by kaz

ashen1221457d ago

lmao held at gunpoint by kaz

EZMickey1457d ago

This site gets a reasonably amount of South African readers. I'm one of them. It always interests me to know what's going on in our local community.

But when I read "OVER 9000" I honestly thought they were referring to the local price of a PS4 because they wouldn't be far off.

Rainbowcookie1457d ago

I agree mate I'm still waiting for a price drop or something . Cheapest is R 5900 now . Also the 500 gig hardrive is a bit small I believe. I it went over 9000 would have been a problem.

bazinga_911457d ago

Congrats on World Domination Sony.
Keep destroying the competition. Love it. :^)

pornflakes1457d ago

South africa... aha

Maybe somebody can post numbers from the philipines? Its also an important market!

MasterCornholio1457d ago

Kind of like how Spain, Germany, France, Italy etc are unimportant markets.

When combined they can provide an important level of sales.

So in the end South Africa is an important market. It might not be as big as the US but it still contributes to Sonys global success.

WitWolfy1457d ago

As a South African myself, I approve this post.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1457d ago

Thank god the bone is killing it in ''important markets'' like here in the U.S.for example.......oh wait....

mkis0071457d ago

So glad people are finally understanding that the available markets argument wasn't really valid.

EZMickey1457d ago

I would probably go so far as to say that ours is the most developed African gaming community.

We have our own national gaming expo, we support local eSports, we even have our own national dedicated gaming retail chain and our independent game dev community is currently valued in the millions (Remember Broforce?)

If you came to South Africa, the biggest difference you'd notice as a gamer is the low end internet you have to put up with and a severe lack of local servers.

Jaqen_Hghar1457d ago

As if it isn't leading the important markets. Troll elsewhere we get plenty of Americas and Europe news

Rainbowcookie1457d ago

Dude I'm from South Africa . Gaming is gaming I still own my old N64 and had a Ps1 in 1996. :) Trust me it's an pretty expensive hobby over here and as a gamer worth every sent.

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The story is too old to be commented.