Harmonix May Look Towards Backwards Compatibility For Rock Band 4 PS4/Xbox One

"The Rock Band series has somewhat stalled to a stop since the release of Rock Band 3 back in 2010, but that hasn't stopped Harmonix from being pestered about a possible Rock Band 4.

Speaking of backwards compatibility for the PS3 and Xbox 360 peripherals, Nick Chester of Harmonix gave a surprisingly fair answer."

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KiwiViper851547d ago

I still have my instruments tucked away in the wardrobe, but I have been planning to sell the whole set, 360 included. Always thought id get it out again one day, but never had the time, so might as well get some cash for them.

If I'm getting a new gen Rock Band I want new gen instruments, a guitar that has a silent strum bar and softer buttons. Id like to play with headphones on at night, as that's when I do all my gaming, without waking my wife and daughter with click, click, click.