Sony: I Don't Want To See Anything You "Shouldn't Reveal Yet"

Everyone is excited about the PlayStation Experience event planned for December, but who's interested in seeing projects that just aren't ready yet?

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Eonjay1462d ago

I tend to agree with this point of view. Maybe its just bad memories from Versus XIII but I want to see more publishers waiting until the game is nearly ready before revealing it.

aceitman1462d ago

So then why don't they cancel E3 conferences. They get u hype up. What's wrong with seeing what's coming soon.thats like getting rid of movie trailers. People can't wait to see what's coming . And I am one of them.

NikeJustDoesit1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

It doesn’t help when games are announced at E3 then released 2 years after the fact.

Edit: They wouldn’t need to cancel E3 conferences *facepalm*.. just show the games that are +50% in development. The issue so far is MOST of the games that have been released have needed “delays” because they weren’t ready.

aceitman1462d ago

Not all games have a 2 year release date.

bouzebbal1462d ago

it's funny when people complain about lack of games and those same people complain that games are revealed way too soon.
to me it's always good to hear what the future will be like for the console..

@Eonjay: i disagree with you because you stretch the problem to the extreme... not many games end up being vaporwares..smh...
if the game is released a year and half max post reveal it's fine for me.

Army_of_Darkness1462d ago

I don't care what they reveal.... Just as long as it's coming out within a year or sooner.

donthate1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I prefer a game to be announced when it is scheduled within a year of release, maybe two. Then show us a trailer or something.

Games like The Guardian and Agent is just plain idiotic to announce. They haven't released yet, but for years people kept yearning.

Don't hype me up for things that might not come at all!

Show me something that you can continually show me that is moving along and nearing release. Don't string me a long to pad up your lineup.

zeee1462d ago

I think they will show us the near final version of project morph.

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Thatguy-3101462d ago

I'm really psyched to see what they're going to show. Does anyone know where you buy the tickets? They said more info was going to release on the 20th but nothing came out.

killacal131462d ago

I think they are going to show The Last guardian 2 lol

KwietStorm1462d ago

That certainly would fit the rage comment.

donthate1462d ago

I think you mean the The Last Guardian 3.3!

Jaqen_Hghar1462d ago

A man agrees. Look at what they did with Bloodborne and LBP3. Both revealed last E3 in June and both coming within a year as it should be. Never got this mentality with big releases that you need to reveal so far in advance. You give yourself plenty of time to generate hype with a couple months before hand reveal.

Spenok1462d ago

As much as I agree with this as well. Most of the games that were revealed too early weren't shown with the intention of being in development hell for another 2-5 years. They were meant to be teasers that would lead up to a release within a year to a year and a half, then shit hit the fan. The Last Guardian, Watchdogs, FF VS. XIII, and hell, even Prey 2 are obvious examples.

However if they know they shouldn't show us... then WHY even do it? Unless it's just a way to create hype, and them showing it off really isn't a bad thing. And to be honest, my money is more on that latter than the former.

2cents1462d ago

Valid point in my opinion. My biggest annoyance was the reveal of Hellblade. After seeing the trailer I was so pumped due to my total love for Heavenly Sword. Then I find out that all they did was make that trailer for the show, the production on the game had not even started! Damnit.

Also what is going on with MadMax??? Another one shown too early. Even Quantum Break... The Division!!! AARRRRGGGGG!!!!!

Well, I guess as long as they keep showing stuff early, eventually we will reach a place in about a year where we will have a steady trickle of releases to keep us entertained during these agonising waits. Right now, 'next gen' is not 'next gen' enough.

3-4-51462d ago

A game only has so long to capture your imagination and have appeal.

Eventually, something else will come along and be that thing.

It's best,IMO, to reveal info only when you have to, right before you release the game.

* When it's new and excited, THAT is what gets people to impulse buy a game, and those sales are what helps stimulate the industry.

It also gets people to try out games they otherwise would not.

Once they have time to breakdown every last bit of info, they've already made up in their mind weather or not they like the game even before playing it.

* Releasing info only right before game release would allow people to stay excited, on that same level, right up until and through the launch of said game.

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Watari3211462d ago ShowReplies(2)
Walker1462d ago

i want to see Guerrilla, Bend, SSM, QD, MM and etc new IPs as soon as possible

DigitalRaptor1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

You might be in luck as far as Guerrilla and Bend are concerned.

Wouldn't surprise me if Horizon and Bend's open-world horror IP are announced by year's end and for release next year. As Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank Redux have shown, it seems like Sony are trying to reduce the time between announcement and release, a bit like MS does.

I think the rest are 2016.

jhoward5851462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Sony: I Don't Want To See Anything You "Shouldn't Reveal Yet"

There's some good and bad advantages by revealing a game early on.

In case anyone noticed devs get ideas from our commits which helps them polish their game more. The bad side of it, though, we see it enough to the point it create hype. Personally, I think devs need to find a way to balance the two.

Jaqen_Hghar1462d ago

Simple. Tease then don't show anything for awhile and don't make any promises on release dates.

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