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Many people might not realize this, but 1979′s Alien is the movie that put science-fiction horror on the map. Anytime you have a game or a movie that depicts people up in space in the future being tormented by some violent inhuman (or even human) entity, it owes its origins to the original 1979 classic, and in many cases in gaming, its 1986 sequel. Which is why, until Alien Isolation, many gamers and lovers of the franchise have been frustrated that nothing good has come out of the franchise in nearly fifteen years. Last year’s Colonial Marines was the latest slap in the face to fans following a trilogy of awful Alien vs Predator outings; two movies and one game, and many saw Alien Isolation as the franchise’s last chance before a major publisher, in this case Sega, would finally give up. Thankfully, at long last, Isolation has proven itself to not just be an excellent survival horror game in its own right, but perhaps the best Alien game ever made.

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