Joystiq hands-on: Ferrari Challenge

Joystiq writes: "Running at a locked 30 frames per second (even during massive pileups) in 1080p resolution, the game most reminded us of GT5 Prologue visually, right down to the detail of the car models and the fully rendered interiors – and that's a high compliment. Where it actually looks to surpass Polyphony's offering is in its more realistic lighting and full damage modeling. The developer was keen to point out (and we were mightily impressed by it) the rain in the game, which puddles realistically and runs along the cars as they accelerate ... running off or even backwards when they stop and reverse. The sense of speed was great as well, and tied in with the developer's biggest focus – handling – the results so far are a great drive.

UK-based System 3 is out to fill the rather large racing simulation void on PS3 with Ferrari Challenge, a game the company is calling a spiritual successor to the Sega great, Ferrari F355 Challenge. It's also aimed directly at fans of Gran Turismo, GRID, and Project Gotham Racing.

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marinelife94741d ago

The rain drops have physics? They can puddle or the rivulets can run backwards over the hood of the car? I'll have to see that for myself.

resistance1004741d ago

Play F1:CE the rain effects in that are out of this world

avacadosnorkel4741d ago

this game stays in the news lately and all the coverage is saying the game is rockin'.

Why no 360 version?