Scheduled Playstation Network Maintenance

Is 2.40 coming tomorrow?

"The PLAYSTATION®Network will be taken offline during the following times for a scheduled maintenance:
Starting on June 24, 2008, at 8:00 a.m., Pacific Time
Ending on June 24, 2008, at 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time

During this time, access to the PLAYSTATION Network will be restricted, including:

* No access to the PLAYSTATION®Store
* No access to play online games on the PLAYSTATION Network"

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Mikelarry4741d ago

is nigh. hopefully please let this be the 2.40 update

pharmd4741d ago

i dont recall any other downtimes while ive had my ps3, since launch, so either its something big =D or its some required maintenance which still is good news :D

lociefer4741d ago

ye i agree with u dude , i dont recall psn goin down for maintenance during my ps3 ownership 2 , they seriously maybe up to smthin big , like 2.40 , or maybe improvin connection , i dunno , guess we'll find out tomorrow

Wildarmsjecht4741d ago

The playstation store was down when they revamped the mess out of it.

But I also don't recall the whole network being down..I'll be at work as well, so when I get home, it won't affect me. Then again, I'd probably still be playing through MGS4 again. God I love that game.

marinelife94741d ago

I'm glad they're allegedly releasing a video to explain how to use all the new features.

4741d ago
RevN8r4741d ago

While I'm not so positive this is the 2.40 update, the possibility of that being what it is, has me stoked! And the fact that Noel Silvia implied it was really close yesterday is only getting my hopes even higher!

Black_Jack4741d ago

haha 2.4 FW released on the...
2 4 th

cant see it happening, just some maintenence which none the less is good news.

pharmd4741d ago

yeah, thats what i meant/said... and i too had mine since launch

mikeslemonade4741d ago

The last time they took down the PSN I was still able to play online games. I remember specifically I was playing Warhawk to practice for a tourny.

meepmoopmeep4741d ago

bubble for the eagle eyes :D

IdleLeeSiuLung4741d ago

I'm hopeful for fw 2.40, but why would a firmware update require the whole thing to be taken down. I don't recall anytime a firmware required the service be taken down for maintenance.

Mikelarry4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

i would think trophy and ingame would need an interface to be added. so taking whole network down would be needed to integrate and stabilize psn. so that ppl dont run around making threads like "oh my god dont update so so so update just bricked my ps3"

nbsmatambo4741d ago

wat am i gonna do all day if i cant play BF:BC =(...............

RevN8r4741d ago

PS3Fanboy is saying 2.40 is not related to this downtime. I think my cautious optimism just turned into doubtful hope.

Yoma4740d ago

Sorry but,


* Next Scheduled Maintenance
Currently, there are no scheduled maintenances."

I don't know for sure if the info should be released first official there.

EastCoastSB4740d ago

This is coming from the official Playstation website so it's obviously legit.

ThanatosDMC4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I hope it's Home... i dont give a crap about in-game XMB... i want to play chess my old buds from overseas!

PS9 FTW!!!

Yoma4740d ago

Stay updated on the Playstation blog. There will be something special there.

Tomdc4740d ago

lol for me that means its only down from 2 in the mornin till 8 in the mornin =)

As long as the time is consistant throughout countries that is.

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eagle214741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I will hope for the best. But, I will do the MC HAMMER if true! :)

RevN8r4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Ohoh, Ohoh, here's a happy meal:

reccodog4741d ago

but I don't like Attack of The Show any more due to there extreme bias behavior.

cp684741d ago

Probably a maintenance to get ready for 2.40 :D

DarkSniper4741d ago

This maintenance is to ensure that PLAYSTATION®Network is functioning at a high performance level. Sony Computer Entertainment makes every effort to adhere to customer demands and what the customer deserves. Sony Snipers deserve a lag free, fully functional online platform. Which is why Dark Sniper can appreciate Sony taking a bit of down time to ensure quality performance on the vastly superior PLAYSTATION® Network online service.

Take your time Sony, at least Sony Snipers have a lag free and cost efficient online service to look foward to.


Angelitos4741d ago

PSN having the same features as xbl, WHILE IT'S FREE>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;xbl

sunnygrg4741d ago

i wont be surprised if it is indeed FW 2.40.

I find it amusing how you speak in third person, lol. Bubbles up seeing as how you need them.

Pain4740d ago

i still mabey think befor e3 or mabey.... i don now im hungry....

whitesky4740d ago

PS3 Owners

Please take a few seconds to give $niper bubbbless


PopEmUp4740d ago

to the 2.40 firmware man can't wait

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conjurdevil4741d ago

get ur hopes up!!! otherwise you can get disappointed!

juuken4741d ago

Which is why I'm crossing fingers and toes. o-o

Marceles4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Yeah please don't get your hopes up..or else there'll be a post on PS Blog, "the maintenance is only for our new Blast Factor and Go Sports Skydiving update".