Announcing The Mega PAX AUS Indie Games Show Guide by Grab It Magazine

Grab It have some very exciting news to share with everyone today. Over the last few months, they have been working with the organisers of the upcoming Australian Penny Arcade Expo – which runs from October 31 to September 2 – on a special edition of Grab It that ties into the big show. Episode 8 of Grab It – the digital magazine for iPad - offers a full, comprehensive guide to the indie games that will be showcased at the expo.
Whether you plan on attending and want to get a heads up on the must-play games, or are watching on from afar and want to keep on top of what you’re missing, there is no better destination. This could very well be the single best piece of indie games focused media ever created.

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Cookiebex1675d ago

Looking forward to it. Will keep an eye out to snag it while it's free in the first couple of days

CoyoteHunter1675d ago

PAX Aus is going to be amazing! So many talented indie devs on disaply.

SlappingOysters1675d ago

Very impressed with the quality of games at his year's show. I'm not even sure if I still play more AAAs than indies in raw playing time nowadays

LeeFace1675d ago

Great to see indie devs get some great coverage for PAX.

shipnabottle1674d ago

Wish I could be there. It's shaping up to be a huge year for indie gaming and indie gaming media.

Solidbrod1673d ago

Just finished reading the app and loved it. There is some real talent on display this year.