Horror Games Are Now Better Than Horror Movies and Here’s Why

CraveOnline: "Horror games are steadily increasing in quality. While the likes of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 have arguably yet to be bettered, there’s an ever-growing amount of new titles that are keeping players awake at night, making video games far more consistent at delivering scares than the movies. But how is this being achieved? Let’s take a look at why horror games are now better than horror movies."

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MysticStrummer1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

It's been that way for years imo. I used to watch scary movies near Halloween but now I look for scary games.

2cents1676d ago

silent hill 2 was the turning point for me.

DVS-Zev1676d ago

Haven't been scared from a movie since i was a kid.Playing that P.T demo, especially with the headphones on, damn man.I had to put it down a few times.Was intense.

Special-Agent-Milo1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Horror games have always been better than "horror movies" since Paranormal Activity 11 and Insidious 7.

Summons751676d ago

Horror games have ALWAYS been better than horror movies. Games immersive, pull you in and if their good enough mess with your head. Movies are simply enjoyed, they don't and can't make any effort to make you feel in danger and well made game could make you feel it. Running out of ammo in Dead Space terrifies you, being defenseless in Amnesia brings you to shivers as you hide in a closet as the monster is tearing the room apart because it saw you before you ran and hid. Watch 5 teens in the woods using absolutely zero logic and being potheads...not scary, watching an Alien pop out of someone's chest...thrilling but not scary, the movie Oculus....super thrilling but does it scare, no. Amnesia - terrifying, Alien Isolation - terrifying, the controls, atmosphere, and story and themes of Resident Evil 1-3 scary scary.

Ashunderfire861676d ago

Well the movies can give you a few jump scares like that one part at the beginning of 28 weeks later where the zombies burst through the house. Or what about the jump scare from, "I know what you did last summer," where someone threw a guy's body in the shower on Jennifer Love Hewitt. I have to admit that was scary lol! But games can be forever scary when they are unpredictable, like Alien Isolation for example.

Summons751676d ago

Jump scares aren't real horror that's a copout because they couldn't do anything real horror.

Baka-akaB1676d ago

Yeah it has always been , at least as far back as the resident evil 1-2 and silent 1-2 era .

Horror movies have kept jumping from one trend to another without much inspiration and not a lot of quality movies since the late 90s . They are even still clinging to the sensation brought by the found footage cam since Blairwitch , or running zombies . And let's not even get started on mediocre possession movies like Insidious .

TV shows , comics and games are essentially and currently the better homes for horror

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