PlayStation Store Preview – October 21, 2014 – Calm Before the Storm

PSLS: This week – like last week – is jam-packed with content. But it’s lacking the same amount of blockbuster releases. Even so, there is still plenty of content that still warrants your attention – and your dollar.

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aceitman3259d ago

cool looking forward to shadow warrior .

Spenok3259d ago

That game looks interesting, but I have my eyes set on Legend of Korra personally.

Sly-Lupin3258d ago

I have my eyes on both. Might even buy 'em today, too, even though it'd be smarter to just grab 'em both in a Steam sale.

knifefight3259d ago

Wait is there no digital release of Walking Dead Season 2 on PS4?

Soldierone3259d ago

So PSTV comes out, and we are still only getting one game for PSTV/Vita? lol

GuruStarr783259d ago

Wish that Dust would come to the Vita.. I'd love to play it on the go..

Sly-Lupin3259d ago

Been a long time since I last rolled with the Fool of Owari. Really, really looking forward to tomorrow.


Shadow Warrior 1997 - An Era Defining Classic

Shadow Warrior debuted in 1997, an unlikely Duke Nukem 3D follow-up that later birthed a respected modern FPS series.


Best Comedic Video Games: Try these games for a good laugh

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adaminoregon289d ago

South park stick of truth is the funniest game ever made.


Shadow Warrior Dev Teases Its Next Game

Studio Flying Wild Hog, the developer behind Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2 is teasing its next project on Twitter.

MWH1175d ago

Nice! if it's a new Shadow Warrior I hope it's not a randomly generated looter like SW2. it had its moments but the grinding was tedious and made the game feel lifeless.

RaidenBlack1174d ago

I hope its like the 2013 one

1171d ago