PlayStation Store Preview – October 21, 2014 – Calm Before the Storm

PSLS: This week – like last week – is jam-packed with content. But it’s lacking the same amount of blockbuster releases. Even so, there is still plenty of content that still warrants your attention – and your dollar.

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aceitman1459d ago

cool looking forward to shadow warrior .

Spenok1458d ago

That game looks interesting, but I have my eyes set on Legend of Korra personally.

Sly-Lupin1458d ago

I have my eyes on both. Might even buy 'em today, too, even though it'd be smarter to just grab 'em both in a Steam sale.

knifefight1458d ago

Wait is there no digital release of Walking Dead Season 2 on PS4?

Soldierone1458d ago

So PSTV comes out, and we are still only getting one game for PSTV/Vita? lol

GuruStarr781458d ago

Wish that Dust would come to the Vita.. I'd love to play it on the go..

Sly-Lupin1458d ago

Been a long time since I last rolled with the Fool of Owari. Really, really looking forward to tomorrow.