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The Evil Within from Tango Gameworks returns the survival horror genre to glory as you fight to survive before evil takes hold.

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Muzikguy1676d ago

Another good review for what I think is a very good game. Keep the horror games coming! :)

Monstar1676d ago

yes because horror is all about over done blood and gore...which this game heavily relies on for the scare-factor. THAT ISN'T's cliché and cheap. The game isn't scary at all.

Muzikguy1676d ago

All that stuff you just said has been mentioned in other articles multiple times already. Horror comes in many forms. This is one, and I like it. You don't have to

Monstar1676d ago

I'll quote the reply in the article:

SteeLisPain7 writes:-

Sorry, but this is not survival horror...

Scripted chase sequences, ammo scattered everywhere you go (and enemies dropping ammo and health when you kill them) so even though you are limited to how many you can carry, you will never practically run out, enemies with guns, sniper rifles and machine guns and dynamite and Molotovs, enemies using military vehicles with machine guns on top, an upgrade system that gives you a huge advantage over the enemies (except the ones in the "boss sections" that kill you instantly), melee fist attacks that can behead enemies; to top it off you get all the weapons in the game in the second chapter (revolver, shotgun, Agony Crossbow (shooting freezing, electricity, and explosive arrows) a sniper rifle and grenades).

I really had high hopes for this...but sorry Shinji Mikami, you screwed up big time on this.

The only hope for survival horror now is Kojima's Silent Hills.

ReesesPuffs1676d ago

Did you even play the game? This game is very challenging and melee is practically useless. You will never have more than 20 bullets tops with your pistol and hardly 8 with the shotgun. Enemies are hard to kill and they don't just slowly walk at you like they did in RE4. They haul towards you at full speed. Plus you don't get every weapon by the second chapter. What are you smoking? You don't even get the sniper rifle until Chapter 6 and you definitely don't get the shotgun or crossbow until chapter 3. You should really give it a chance man. It's a great survival horror game. Really takes the genre back to its roots.

Muzikguy1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

That's so far off from what the game is. I can understand if you don't like the game, but you're letting hatred cloud your judgement. Your explanation on the weapons is a lie. I'm in chapter 5 and haven't gotten the sniper rifle, can't behead enemies with my melee attack, and I'm very scarce on ammo.

SPOILER::::::: you can search everywhere for the keys that open those drawers in the hospital, but other than that it's pretty scarce on ammo and health. Doors close and lock to many previous places so you can't return. The upgrade system takes a ton of points so it's not something that's easily done either. Also I'm yet to see enemies drop health (maybe 1 so far?)

It's really hard to believe you played the game. It sounds more like a description of a recent Resident Evil lol
Sometimes I wonder how people can have so many bubbles :)

Monstar1676d ago

That's NOT all.... From the horrid recycled RE4 A.I, horrid enemy designs, laughable story, poor animations, broken combat, laughable upgrade system, boring protagonist, shocking camera, collecting green goo, too many unexplained moments, overuse of blood due to the lack of scare-factor...i could go on. The game feels beyond cheap and looks to be designed by amateurs...

Evil Within is influenced by many different games/ideas...yet manages to fuk it all up, it just doesn't know what it wants to be and just throws it all together because its what one would consider scary..without much thought. "hey look, it doesn't have to make sense, it's just disgusting OK?"

shinji fucked up big time.

Xaphy1676d ago

Why do you keep posting the same thing everywhere? Whats with all the hate for rhe game? Dont like dont play it
Im amongst thousands of players who are surely enjoying and loving every minute of this keep.

Monstar1676d ago

you haven't played many survival horror games have you? You also sound young.

enjoying every minute of it..huh? so it's a perfect game to you? lol.

SolidGear31676d ago

I don't care what some people think, I'm dying to get this. I'm tempted on PS3 version instead of waiting until I have a PS4. How is the PS3 version?

Monstar1676d ago

very ugly. if you're a true survival horror won't like the mess that evil within is.