Dead Rising Movie Casts Rob Riggle as Frank West

Hardcore Gamer: The official movie adaptation of Capcom’s Dead Rising series, Dead Rising: Watchtower, just found its star to play the iconic, war-covering photojournalist Frank West: Daily Show alumni Rob Riggle.

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Orbertron1511d ago

Yeah i can see him as Frank, i like him but i would personally choose Patrick Warburton for the role

SpiralTear1511d ago

Warburton is too much of a "tough guy" to fit Frank's goofiness, in my opinion, but I can see why you'd find him to be a good fit. I just feel like Patrick's voice doesn't fit Frank at all and he has a more macho persona too.

Nolando1511d ago

I met Patrick hes a pretty funny guy and I think he would fit the role. Although I do agree on his voice... might be... too macho :P

Spenok1511d ago

Interesting choice. I wonder how he will do. He's not my favorite actor, but he fits the roll well enough. Lets just hope the screenplay, and script are worth it.

Porcelain_Chicken1511d ago

Haha love Rob Riggle!! I'm actually kinda looking forward to this now.

2cents1511d ago

Me too!

I think a great fit for the role. He's gonna have to put on a bit of a belly though :)

ajax171511d ago

POW! Rob Riggle is awesome! This is great news.

boing11511d ago

That's actually a perfect casting.

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