PS4 Firmware 2.0 “Masamune”: New Information on Share Play and Music Player Shared by Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released more information about the upcoming PS4 firmware 2.0 "Masamune."

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LOL_WUT1679d ago

"While you use Share Play, live streaming and remote play are not available."

Damn that would've been a nice feature especially within the horror genre. Being able to do a live co-op and stream it all within the PS4 would've been awesome. ;)

Abriael1679d ago

That's probably because the video capture hardware is already being used by share play.

GameSpawn1679d ago

Yep. If I'm not mistaken the same hardware is also responsible for Remote Play's core functionality on the PS4.

So, SharePlay, Vid Capture, or RemotePlay. You can't have them all at once unless you want resources taken away from the games.

dantesparda1679d ago

I know this is off topic. But i remember reading that the ARM chip was supposed to make it so when the PS4 is in standby, it would only consume like 10 watts (even when downloading) But it didnt turn out that way because the chip turned out to not be capabile of doing that at such a low wattage thus making the PS4 consume around ~70watts while downloading in standby. Anybody have anymore clarification on this? Also isnt it a ARM 7 chip? And wasnt this chip supposed to be used for the suspend/resume, thus the reason we still dont have it now?

Ju1679d ago

Hm...well..suspend-resume works with Fifa15 & Netflix...surprisingly.

guitarded771679d ago

That's all understandable, but not being able to upload music to the hard drive is BS. We have to have a USB occupied for our own playlists.

wsoutlaw871679d ago

Suspend resume works just not in stand by like it is supposed to eventually.

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KwietStorm1679d ago

Why did he get all the disagrees? You all don't think it would've been awesome to be *able* to stream while playing coop?

Spenok1679d ago

It would have been awesome, but as Abriael says it's already being used by the share play. Maybe with software optimization down the line. Though I don't foresee that happening.

GamerRetro1679d ago ShowReplies(2)
TAURUS-5551679d ago

so..i wont be able to transfer all my music to my PS4 ???...wt...f ?

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KrisButtar1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Is share play the feature that lets me play my friends PS4 to beat a boss or part of a level then he can regain control and continue on?

Edit: Awesome thanks guys

Abriael1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

yeah. Can also play together.

ScottyHoss1679d ago

Maybe we might actually get split screen in a few games from now on

GarrusVakarian1679d ago

Yup. In my opinion, this is the most "next-gen" feature that we've seen so far for either console. It's literally game changing.

Bird_Jesus1679d ago

Share Play will be in the November update for Xbox One

gangsta_red1679d ago

I definitely agree, even though I still don't really understand the concept behind it. Has there been any game that a person was ever truly stuck on and couldn't pass it themselves using trial and error?

I've played a lot of very hard games, (GHOST n GOBLINS for NES) but eventually I passed it.

But regardless, this is a very cool type of feature. Perhaps it can be utilized and intended somehow for an actual game.

GarrusVakarian1679d ago

@gangsta red

I think it would be more useful as something to help you decide if you like a game or not. Lets say you're not sure on a game, but your friend owns it already, he could let you play his game remotely, on his PS4.

And like Abriael said above, you can play together, despite only one person actually owning the game. It's sounds awesome.

MasterCornholio1679d ago


Didn't Microsoft said that the Xbox One couldn't have share play because they axed DRM from the system?

Which is why what your saying doesn't make any sense unless they did another 180 that im not aware about.

Eonjay1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


I just realized that this is very similar to what Microsoft wanted to do with DRM. Sony is letting your friends play your games; any of your games.

gangsta_red1679d ago

This would be cool for multiplayer games.

Could a friend join a game if the game had co-op? Could he join as a second or third player without actually owning the game or does he have to just take control of your character only?

If this is the case and true I wonder how many can join at once.

I can really see this working with sports games like Madden or Fifa.

Volkama1679d ago

This is not that similar to what Microsoft were allegedly going to offer. This is not sharing the license at all, just remote control of someone else's ps4. Like team viewer or one of the many other desktop sharing tools. Just (hopefully) well optimised for gaming.

That's why Sony can do it without really being concerned about publishers. Precedent for software licensing in these circumstances is already established.

baodeus1679d ago

So how long can someone play their friend game for?

GameDev11679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


Microsoft never confirmed share play, Infact I dont think it was a ever a decision to be part of their OS.

I am excited for it on the PS4 though, have some games my friends have that I would like to test out and it would make so easy to demo most games in the future to decide if you want to buy it. Top stuff Sony


Its says one hour, but you can begin a new session after that

Eonjay1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


"Could a friend join a game if the game had co-op? Could he join as a second or third player without actually owning the game or does he have to just take control of your character only? "

It supports coop and control play. So if you are playing a coop game, you can use share play to play with a friend. They effectively become a second controller. The answer to your question is yes. The third mode is just a display only where its like a private broadcast.

Jumper091679d ago

I dont see anything nextgen in this. You are basicly streaming your game to your friend and that needs a good internet connection.

It will be bad at the end.

baodeus1679d ago

So I get disagree for asking a legit question and no answer?
- how long can u share the game for?
- can I play my friend games if he isn't on it?
- what are positive and negative (limitations?) associate with this feature?

Any answer?

baodeus1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


What do u mean by playing for one hour but you can start another session?
- like immediately without wait time?
- what do you need to do to start another session?

Thanks man for at least answering something.

GarrusVakarian1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


You don't see anything next-gen about being able to remotely take control of other people's games/remotely play MP and co-op with them without even needing to own the game yourself?

Damn, you're wither really hard to please, or you belong to a certain camp that won't be getting this feature.

Volkama1679d ago

@Baodeus, you cannot play the game while your friend is not on the Playstation (well... you get up to an hour if they set up the session for you and then go elsewhere).

You literally just control his or her playstation, as though you are sitting in the room together looking at the same screen.

It will be good for shared-screen multiplayer games like Diablo 3.

It will not allow you to play multiplayer Driveclub with your friend, because that has no local multiplayer.

wsoutlaw871679d ago

@baodeus you got disagrees because you dont seem to get how it works. Your question makes it sound like you think you can download a friends game and play it for a time limit. What it does is let you take over for your friend or play with him. If there is a limit to this then no one really knows. It is basically the system far cry is going to use and they set up a token system, so it seems like it will be up to the publisher/developers.

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THC CELL1679d ago

Now that's next gen stuff on a console

MrPink20131679d ago

"It’s not possible to copy music files from USB to the internal hard disk of the PS4."

Taking up a USB slot to listen to music while the dongle sticks out is next gen to you?

Ben Dover1679d ago

Hey you go ahead and listen to that awesome music you've transferred to your Xbox while I remotely enter a friend's PS4 game he bought so I can test it before I buy it. But oh noes the dongle ...

KwietStorm1679d ago

Not only is that completely and embarrassingly off topic, but if those ports are so important, I'm sure someone would get a multiport. Not that it matters to you.

Mister_G1679d ago

I don't know much about hacking/cracking but maybe they're been very careful not to open up any back doors to keep the platform secure (Remember Linux on PS3?).

Bennibop1679d ago

@Ben Dover ignore the trolls you cannot transfer music on to the X1 hdd either it is done in the exact same way PS4 is doing it!

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JamieLeeC931679d ago

I'm hoping it'll be here in this month.

GreenUp1679d ago

When I was your age. We could put a usb drive in a Playstation 2, yes 2 and transfer those music files over to the PS2's hard drive. That was back in 2000.

Carry on.

SoapShoes1679d ago

When I was your age, we could burn those songs from the HDD to a blank disc on the PSX's CD-writer.

Carry on.

uth111679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

when I was your age I was like what is MP3? As I installed a cassette into my Sony Walkman :)

thereapersson1679d ago

When I was your age, none of this shit existed.

Carry on.

Just keep some USB drives or an external HDD near your PS4. It'll take about as long to search through your console as it would to plug in and search through a USB source.

Rhythmattic1679d ago

When I was your age, I had nothing to play with but a stick.............A STICK !!!

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OldDude1679d ago

When I was your age we had 8 tracks...

2cents1679d ago


Don't forget 'Dat Betamax'

Angrymorgan1679d ago

When I was your age, I was playing snes games on floppy disc thanks to an add on called.....I forgot but...carry on

waltyftm1679d ago

When i was your age i was Taping the top 40 Radio Music charts of my Dads HiFi, onto a cassette tape and hoping Sabrewulf would load on my Spectrum 128k, it also played my Music.

Carry on

BG115791679d ago

When I was your age, Sony invented the Walkman... I feel old.

Carry on.

GreenUp1679d ago

When I was their age. Pluto was a planet.

FriedGoat1679d ago

Classified as a planet.
Pluto has never been a planet.

LoveOfTheGame1679d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure Pluto is a planet. Unless there was a third change.

bloodybutcher1679d ago

When i was yer age, young Bismarck was masturbating to paintings of Cathy the Great

ZeroX98761679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


The X1 can't copy MP3 directly to internal HDD either if I'm correct. also, I don't really want to use internal HDD space for MP3s when games are already fully loading the stock 500gb HDD!

What's needed is External HDD support with Media compatibilities. I know it'll come eventually, for now I'll use my Ipod/Galaxy S5/PC/Tablet/Android TV top Box/Smart TV/Screen mirroring from android, etc. to play my video files for now. Far from being short of options ;)

so don't worry man, you'll be able to play all your music and films downloaded on torrents eventually on your PS4.....

GreenUp1679d ago

I can care less about these feautres. As I have a PC and PS4 next to me. I can even play spotify or pandora on my pc while listening to music while playing PS4 through my audiophile grade headphones. I'm just stating that MP3 on HDD's was doable years ago. I even remember the original Xbox converting cd's onto it's HDD. These current gen systems are gimped beyond hell, and it's all for profit with these companies trying to push their monthy paywall music services. Hell, I don't even think the PS4 even plays cd's. LOL

ZeroX98761678d ago

I wish plex was on PS4, sharing media hasn't been easier than this. I know the X1 recently got it, great initiative from microsoft, if they were the one to approach them. Sony should do the same.

Just got spotify myself (just released in canada, FINALLY!!!) and it's just awesome! they should release the app on PS4 also, would take this over music unlimited. I'm a big metal fan and music unlimited is lacking in the genre.

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