TouchArcade: 'Chaos Rings 3' Preview - Import Impressions

TouchArcade: I've sunk over a dozen hours into Chaos Rings 3 these last few days since it released, and I'm going to be putting in plenty more in the future. I find myself constantly going back to it, even when I have other things I need to do. That should clarify perhaps the biggest concern about the game, I'd hope. This is a very good game, and a very good RPG. At the same time, I'm a bit torn about a few things, and I have worries about a few others. Let me start by saying that a fair length of time has passed since Chaos Rings 2 [$15.99 / $16.99 (HD)] was released, with the market changing rapidly in that period, not just in mobile but in gaming in general. Chaos Rings 3 is very much a reflection of those changes, and as a result, I'm not sure how satisfied fans of Chaos Rings in particular are going to be with this sequel.

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