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Graham from Codec Moments writes: Codec Moments recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new release from Deck 13 Interactive and CI Games; Lords of the Fallen. I wanted to show that my gaming interests stretch further than LEGO and FIFA so I headed to a secret location in central London. A dark and murky nightclub under a railway bridge was the perfect setting to showcase Lords of the Fallen, the club had been made up to feel a like you were stepping into another, darker world – the odd train going over head also added to the atmosphere.

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vikingland11672d ago

I have this game prepaid for on PS4. I really haven't heard many negative things about it. I hope it was a good purchase. Nice right up.

lonelyplayer1672d ago

I have it preordered as well, I think it is going to be great!

vikingland11672d ago

We all know gameplay > graphics. Still this games graphics look gorgeous.

TheFirstClassic1672d ago

It looks pretty good, but the devs have a history of making bad games... let's keep our fingers crossed.

Knuckle Duster1672d ago

It looks great but I'm really hoping its as addictive as Dark Souls but just less punishing!

jobboy1672d ago

dat screen tearing :(

Joher1671d ago

For me graphics on this game looks very good, lighting system is nice because all of this location is well lighted. For me this solution to collect back our experience points after death looks interesting. I think this game will be very good because my expectation is large:D

ThePowerpuffGirl1671d ago

LoF looks simply beautiful. Locations dark, lots of colors, lots of light. I like that it will be a little sightseeing around, and not just follow a designated path. Time of transition game, no matter to me. How do I know myself, and so it will take me a lot more than is provided .;). But bored for sure I will not. Cool the solution, it does not have to be after death, pass the mission from the beginning. Just a few more days.

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