Amazon's first-party PS4 deals include DriveClub, inFamous, Killzone, Last of Us and MLB

Amazon has another sale, this time involving PS4 first-party games: DriveClub ($51.88), inFamous: Second Son ($29.99), Killzone: Shadow Fall ($19.99), The Last of Us Remastered ($42.02) and MLB 14: The Show ($29.99).

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Jaqen_Hghar1679d ago

Good deals. They're all worth those prices a man would say, especially Infamous!

ashen1221679d ago

looks like amazon's ( sony? ) setting up some good deals for the holiday.

DJ1679d ago


That is all.

Spenok1679d ago

Absolutely. Such a wonderful game.

JimmyDM901679d ago

I'd get Infamous if it didn't seem like such an obvious PS Plus candidate. Solid reviews, single player, early in the gen. Could hook more players into the series for inevitable sequels. Plus Give away infamous then hope people buy first light and make some money on the back end.