Game Informer’s Stance on GamerGate

"Game Informer's stance on the issues is clear. The term GamerGate however is mired in confusion and is one that we reject. We have not covered the movement at Game Informer up to this point because we feel that the moniker misrepresents the issues. The GamerGate hashtag hides the true meaning of the speaker, muddying the water and giving defenses to the indefensible.

Since the meaning of GamerGate is held in the eye of the beholder, we believe the label doesn't help those searching for answers or improvement on the real issues this industry has faced for some time. Being pro-GamerGate won't improve ethics in the games industry as its association with harassment and entitlement has forever tarnished its advertised goal. This forces anyone who believes women in the gaming community have the right to critical opinions, safe work environments, or even safety on the internet from rage and abuse to stand as anti-GamerGate even if it furthers the confusion and political backtalk. We think there are people on both sides who agree that these issues are important, and putting them at odds doesn't further the conversation.

We implore all involved to let "GamerGate" go, because GamerGate is not an issue. It is a nebulous term that has served no master, but has been misused by those who wish to divert us from the real issues that the game industry faces as it evolves from its humble beginnings to a place where gamers of all types are accepted. All it has done is furthered stereotypes of violence and misogyny that have set the video game industry back further than any other issue this century, and has once again created an environment where the fanatics have marred the image of gamers everywhere."

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Concertoine1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Im usually a big fan of the guys at GI. Sad to see their stance on gamergate. It almost doesnt make sense, theyre a good deal older than most journalists on kotaku and stuff, and they dont seem like the type to believe there is an alarming degree of misogyny in this industry.

All Anita's death threats prove is that there's crazy people in the world. Talented women like Corrine Yu have no trouble entering this industry.

brish1672d ago

Summary of article:

Game journalists lied to people about gamergate being a hate group so now game journalists don't think the movement is valid.


Gamergate is about fighting for ethics in game journalism. The more you lie about it being a hate group the more you prove gamergate is valid.

3-4-51672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

* All these sites keep saying GG is trying to silence the real issue.

But then we talk about them lying, and they try and deflect attention away from that.

* Women or Men getting harassed is disgraceful and ignorant. It shouldn't be happening to anybody, gamer or not.

* The REAL ISSUE, is that it's only really a handful of trolls doing it.

THOSE SAME TRolls, are the ones saying racists remarks,inciting religious arguments, calling women names, calling guys names, talking about your mom, bragging about how cool they are..

* They are doing it to EVERYONE THOUGH.

Some of these women are acting like it's only happening to them and THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH.

* THEY are the only ones making a huge deal about it, but the REAL PROBLEM, is that are lumping us all in with those handful of trolls here and there.

* A group of 5 here or 10 trolls on that site, or a group of 4 trolls on some other site, DOES NOT = all gamers.

* Do these people think this way about people of other races or religions ? They are doing the same thing.

Nobody wants harassment, but NOBODY wants to by lied to.

Nobody wants half truths, we want ALL THE FACTS.

I haven't seen one of these big gun journalists come out and say just that.

They are ALL HIDING, because they are being bullied by this group.

Trolls and Harassment NEEDS TO STOP, but even more so than that, the LIES NEED TO STOP.

* WHY doesn't GI talk about how some of these women made FAKE THREATS to themselves ?

Wouldn't you want to know that about somebody.

Wouldn't that tarnish their credibility ?


The Truth, The WHOLE TRUTH, & Nothing but the truth.

Sideras1672d ago

Here's the problem these journalists are supposed to have objective coverage, but instead we see shit like this!? Journalists taking sides, journalists taking stances.
And GameInformer is no better than the rest, they are owned by Gamestop ffs.

rainslacker1671d ago

One of the GI editorial staff was also part of the GameJournoPro's group. I don't know if they participated in the whole subversion of gamers, and to date they haven't taken a stance, but they might have reasons to not want to address the issue.

Overall, GI isn't a bad magazine. I find it fair enough, and while owned by GameStop, it still seems to be fairly impartial and does mostly focus on just games, which is fine. Their last print magazine did have an article on Sarkeesian though, I'll read it when I get home, but this whole hiding from the issue while dismissing it for what it's not is about the same stance that most sites are taking that aren't just taking the anti-GG side altogether.

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yarbie10001672d ago

Shocked to see so many media outlets reject the movement that is holding them accountable /s

Mithan1672d ago

and who is keeping the script kiddies accountable?

yewles11672d ago

"giving defenses to the indefensible"

Yep, GI's doing just that... oh wait--

knifefight1672d ago

Seems good to be transparent about everything.

Godmars2901672d ago

No. No its not.

#GG is asking for game sites to not only police themselves, but then make public accounting of those with hell to pay if someone breaks those transparent rules. Meanwhile they'll still be dealing with the industry proper who have been doing their own forms of collusion since the Atari days.

Its pretty much a lose-lose situation for them, with it only getting worse if #GG's true intentions ever manage to get actual coverage and public traction.

knifefight1672d ago

I'm a little confused.

You said it's NOT good to be transparent, and then you talk about how sites should be transparent. o_O That's...that's what I'm saying too.

Godmars2901672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

In all frankness, its not good for a business to be wholly transparent. Everyone has done something that could be considered gray which could be used against them.

There's also the likelihood that if this feminism/indie thing gets won and put behind, truth in advertising is going to be next. No more hyping a game beyond expectations then not delivering. Using PC demos of console titles at E3 and the like.

Menkyo1672d ago

Boycott of game informer confirmed.

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