"Hatred" Trailer Looks Good, Target of Double-Standard Views.

The "Hatred" trailer is the subject of double-standard views that are bringing down an otherwise good-looking game.

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porkChop1679d ago

No, it doesn't look good and it isn't the target of double standards. There is a massive difference between killing bad guys or other players in games, and massacring innocent civilians in games.

Story quality? - WTF?
Like this website? - No

RoKtheReaper1679d ago

Maybe you should read the article first.

porkChop1679d ago

I did read it. It just wasn't very good.

Septic1678d ago

I read your article too and it didn't provide a convincing argument at all. The premise is rather simple. This game is glorifying and promoting the killing of innocent people. That's it. That's what this game is about. Slaughtering innocents.

The art style, the narrative, the way your 'protagonist' looks, the way he kills civilians; its not clever game design nor should the game be praised as anything more than just a mindless game desperate for attention.

And for you to somehow draw parallels with GTA, Gears of War and even Shadow of Mordor means that you're completely missing the point.

Your paragraph on 'morality' was also incredibly weak. Drawing parallels to those imposing the death penalty? Attributing 'value to life'? What are you on about mate? What about the value of the scores of innocents you murder in a glorified way in Hatred versus the killer you control?

The premise is rather simple. You kill innocents. You want us to relate to the backstory of a broken psychopath who just hates the world and always wanted to die violently? Right.

There are no double standards here. Its just that people recognise the importance of context, whether you like it or not.

You seem to have only now stumbled across the nature of the world and how we attribute value to life so as you struggle to reconcile these concepts, others will call out the game for what it really is. Unnecessary, pointless and just wrong.

Braid1678d ago

Totally agree with Septic, there's a fine line between contextualized killing of your "enemies" because of an ideological conflict that gives you no other option other than pulling the trigger, or legitimate killing in order to survive in a totally hostile environment, or justifiable display of violence in a video game where the rules of a civilized society no longer apply (just like The Last of Us) and killing people who have absolutely nothing against you.

You could argue that you can kill innocent bystanders in open-world video games like GTA. However, that's NEVER your main objective nor it is encouraged in any way. Just because the game gives you total freedom doesn't mean that you are originally targeted by developers to do so, unlike this game.

The display of violence here does not set a new standart when compared to the games like Manhunt or TLOU, but its premise does. That's the reason trailer caused some eyebrows to raise, and I would totally agree. The game serves no purpose whatsoever other than creating an unwanted media buzz, and making gamers look like desperate outcasts who play video games in their evil fantasy worlds to satisfy their most primitive urges. I wouldn't want to be categorized like that, and I surely wouldn't support any game that people could use as a leverage to do so.

GrieverSoul1678d ago

Guys, how about this:

This game isnt something for you!

Maybe its not your cup of tea. Maybe its a story you cant relate in anyway. Will the game be fun? I actually like these types of games. Im not the character I play, Im just the one controlling the shooting. The story unfolds whether or not I take part in it. Ive saved the universe countless of times, Im a good guy, right? Well, I never even walked an old lady cross the street. Game actions dont define my behaviour. This game is a form of expression from its team. Wether I like it or not, its not my right to judge the people who like it.

In games, we often "kill innocents" NPC (key word here NPC), its just pixels.

I love a good story in videogames. Im kinda wondering whats the story of this character. What if there is a twist in all this? Sure, he wants to just kill and die in a glorified twisted sick way, but what if this as some kind of plot twist during the campaing? What if the towns folks are some kind of twisted people that sacríficed this guys wife and daughter for a greater purpose. I dont know... Just guessing.

Im more concerned about the fact that this games as no objective than to kill people. Whats the player motivation to progress through the story?

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nippletwister1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

There is no such thing as innocent civilians in games, no code or AI is innocent.
AI' are heresy, and heresy must be purged. Emperor protects.

trollmaster1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

i can see you are being a hypocrite. i can no longer see the difference between the feminazi who complain about female discimination in games. in the end its an game where you kill bunch of polygons. just change the models and you are killing the police. change it more and you are killing nazi and bad guys

mixelon1678d ago

So your poibt is context means nothing because it's all imaginary? So there's no difference between actions and characters in any work of fiction? Or just games?

Makes no sense.

morganfell1678d ago

So your point is that instead of permitting all art you get to take a moral stance based on personal beliefs and that determines permissible art? Where I have I seen that disasterous idea in history???

Bdub20001678d ago

It's not all the same. Maybe in another decade this could have been "ok", but in a society where mass murderss of civilians and children are borderline epidemic, this game should not exist. They've taken a concept that is very real and disgusting to society, and exploiting it for profit. There's nothing funny about school or mall shootings.

Everyone agreeing with this game, have you forgotten about the slayings of innocent kindergarters? because that's who this protagonist is, and that is the character these monsters are glorifying. This world is sick enough, let's not give more ideas and encouragement to people who might be "on the edge" of doing something like this in person.

I don't expect to change any minds, but I hope to keep people opposing this game encouraged to stand against it. I don't expect selfish teenagers to grasp how disgusting this game is, or expect them to sympathize with the parents of children who have been murdered by the very concept of this game.

1nsomniac1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

What is wrong with people these days!?

Why does every single thing we do have to be emotionally significant. Why does it have to glorify or promote anything!

It's a game. I don't understand where this stupidity has come from that for some reason you have to treat this specific media as real life but only in certain circumstances. It's as if we don't educate people to understand the difference between what's real or imaginary yet no one seems to bat an eye if it's in a book & if its in a film it's questioned but allowed without too much fuss.

People for god-sakes, it's a GAME, it's exactly just that, A GAME!!

It's not secretly asking you to do anything. You're like the people from the 60/70's who tried to tell people if you played rock music backwards the devil would instruct you to kill people. That's exactly how stupid you sound!

Mulletino1678d ago

Your argument that people have no emotional investment in games is a bad one. Moral decisions, character customization, dialogue responses? From Mass Effect to Madden, people are emotionally invested in the characters that they create or play as.... In my humble opinion.

Spenok1678d ago


Oh, and Septic? THANK YOU. You saved me quite a bit of typing. That was beyond well said.

Meltic1678d ago

Best Indie game ever, if it is a indie

elninels1677d ago

This game does indeed look very good. UE4 being put to good use. The lighting and animations are really great. The hate this game is receiving is unnecessary and only serving to boost its visibility.

Let's remember that we're talking about entertainment. What about snuff films like saw passing as horror? How about killing innocents in infamous to get evil points. That's giving incentive to kill civilians.

We all need to recognize this studio's right to release their art, even if it is based on hate ans murder.

And really. Since when are gamers in favor of censorship?

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annoyedgamer1679d ago

My memory is a little hazy..can't you shoot up innocent bystanders on the streets in GTA?

Godmars2901679d ago

But GTA's main goal isn't only about shooting people who can't shoot back.

NikeJustDoesit1679d ago

You can still play for several hours just mindlessly killing people; you can even kill the cops. It’s the same principle. These people arguing against the game are hypocrites.

HeavenlySnipes1678d ago

It's not the same principle

GTA allows player choice. You can go through the games only harming whatever enemy gangs or shooters are thrown at you. Spending hours mindlessly killing civilians for pleasure speaks to more about yourself than the game.

Hatred is about explicitly killing random non threatening AI made to look like scared innocent people. That's the goal of the game.

Please explain how both are the same in principle Nike

abradley1678d ago


Yes, in GTA it is a choice to kill innocents or not, it is also a choice to buy the game or not. Same with Hatred, this is obviously an Adult game and so is created to appease some sort of violent tendency we all have but usually get rid of in games like BF4 or COD.

If you think about it, people have been killing innocent gamers across the internet for decades and nobodies really cared. Why when it involves some made up characters in an ultra violent adult game does it all of a sudden become an issue?

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1679d ago

you also get penalize in gta by cops chasing you for your (crime) and its not the main plot to kill innocent either and gta isn't based on recent events of suicidal mass murder. i bet you would also be ok with a game about crashing a plane into a building coming up with the same weak excuses to back it up.

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elninels1677d ago

Thats not punishment; its the goal. I want the cops to come, they're always the real target. Kill the frat brothers.

Psychotica1678d ago

Even if true, does that make it right?

Rimgal1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I don't get it. Why is this game having so much attention? The more I think about it the less I understand. For god's sake it's just a stupid video game. Mindless killing in a video game it's nothing new.

If this game is just mindless, killing, then I wont buy it, it's not for me. But if it actually has a deep story that might deal with themes such as depression or an undertone of how our society can lead a person to go on a murderous rampage, then I think I might give this game a chance.

So much debate and argument over a game that 99% of the people here won't even buy and will forget as soon as someone writes a article saying that their.console of choice is the best one.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1679d ago

Because weal minded individuals have trouble killing virtual NPCs in a videogame without an excuse.

Rimgal1679d ago

Hey if this types of games, where the objective is just shoot some NPC and then you die, then shoot some more then you die shoot some more then die, it's your thing, then by all means buy it and enjoy it. I personally find it boring. And I already played Postal couple years ago.

But different strokes for different folks I guess.

abradley1678d ago

Spot on lad. Can you imagine these people playing space invaders in today's society, OMG, your killing innocent aliens, oh why!

This is a video game, to be played by adults, just as a mass killing horror movie is for adults. People will either buy it not. Let the customers decide.

NikeJustDoesit1679d ago

Grand Theft Auto has the SAME principle.......

thaimasker1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

but u can play tennis in GTA and the person who u play as has a funner personality so its TOTALLY not the same thing /s anywho I can't wait to kill innocent PIXELS that resemble people in this game just like I have been doing for over 15 years.

Hellsvacancy1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I'd buy/play it, it's only a game, I like these types of games anyway, I don't care if i'm shooting zombies, plants, asteroids or in this case people, I just enjoy these types of games

I understand the controversy, I just think people should stop acting like pussies and get on with it, your shooting pixels not people, I KNOW the difference

Septic1678d ago

"your shooting pixels not people, I KNOW the difference"

Tell me something. If they are only pixels, would it be okay if those pixels were kids? They are just pixels right? So would it be okay for us to be able to shoot a pregnant mum in the stomach or go to a cradle, put a gun in a vitual baby's mouth and pull the trigger? It's only pixels right?

What about a game where you rape little kids violently? Its only pixels?

"people should stop acting like pussies"

Yeah because killing virtual makes you well hard lmao.

BiggerBoss1678d ago

I completely agree with you man, but youre not gonna get them to.change their minds. If this is what they consider "entertainment", then that says enough about them already

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1678d ago

Rape is an entirely different issue. But killing helpless NPCs shouldn't be an issue. Regardless of age. If you want an excuse pretend everyone is related to Osama bin laden or something.

Man_Among_Mice1678d ago

@ Kenshin

"Rape is an entirely different issue."

So killing innocent NPCs is perfectly fine but RAPING them is bad? That makes absolutely no sense. They're both crimes and morally wrong. There's no differentiating them.

I swear people get butthurt about a game getting attacked and come up with the stupidest reasons to defend it. The game is wrong...PERIOD. Quit trying to act like you're above this and trying to defend this senseless game.

Allsystemgamer1678d ago

I agree. I mean zombies are innocent. They're just hungry. No need to kill them.

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