Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deliver on the PS4?

Push Square: "Ubisoft sure knows how to make a splash. Tom Clancy’s The Division, much like Watch Dogs before it, dropped jaws at E3 2013, when it was announced for the PlayStation 4. The game – an open world third-person shooter with strong role-playing influences – not only promised to drag the industry into the next generation with some frankly mind-blowing visuals, but also pledged a futuristic gameplay experience, borne out of its unprecedented online connectivity aspects. A good 18 or so months removed from that initial unveiling, we caught up with senior brand art director Rodrigo Cortes to ask, after a couple of delays, whether the macabre military escapade will actually deliver. Well, someone had to..."

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poor_cus_of_games1461d ago

Maybe. We'll see soon enough.

medman1460d ago

It better. I'm tired of the excuses, time to deliver the goods. With The Division being current gen and pc focused, hopefully they can deliver.